My Winter Skincare Routine For Oily Dehydrated Skin [YouTube]

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I haven’t gone through a thorough skincare routine on the blog in a while, and I finally sat down and filmed my entire morning and evening skincare routine recently. I’ll warn ya:  I’m a skincare junkie and ingredient critic, so my routine is not for everyone, but if you’re interested in how I keep my skin balanced during the bitter cold months, then continue reading for my winter skincare routine for oily dehydrated skin.

Winter Skincare Routine for Oily Dehydrated Skin on YouTube Brighter Darling Blog

winter skincare routine for oily dehydrated skin

To go through the full routine with me on YouTube, check it out here, or scroll down for details.

morning routine
  1. Cleanse with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser
  2. Exfoliate with Biologique Recherche Lotion P50
  3. Brighten with CosRx Triple C Lightning Liquid
  4. Treat texture/tone with Kiehls Apothecary Preparations (made in stores only)
  5. Moisturize and protect with Paula’s Choice Resist Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer + SPF30
  6. *Occasionally use Paula’s Choice Resist Anti Aging Eye Gel on days I’ve used Retin A (to help with dryness/flaking)

The key ingredients I focus on in the morning are a chemical exfoliation (mix of AHA and BHAs) to keep my skin clear and smooth using my HOLY GRAIL Lotion P50, some sort of Vitamin C for brightening old acne scars and protecting my skin from free radicals (aging), and always using an SPF30 or higher.

evening routine
  1. Remove makeup with Elemis Balm
  2. Cleanse with First Aid Beauty Cleanser (or CeraVe Foaming Face Wash)
  3. Exfoliate with Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 (don’t do this on nights I use Retin A)
  4. Anti Aging with Missha Time Revolution Ampoule
  5. *If I’m using Retin A, I use it here. I do this 3x/week and mine is a prescription from my dermatologist
  6. Hydrate with Glossier Super Bounce Serum
  7. Moisturize with Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Moisturizer
  8. Eye cream Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair or Estee Lauder Eye Matrix

In the evenings, I am focusing more on anti-aging and hydration. You’ll find ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid in my Missha Ampoule, the Super Bounce Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the Paula’s Choice moisturizer. Three nights a week, I apply prescription strength Retin A all over my face (even on my eyelids and under eyes). I’ve been using Retin A since 2007 and will never be without. It helps turnover skin cells quicker which keeps my pores clear and fine lines at bay. In the winter, I use a rich moisturizer that doesn’t clog my pores with Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery.


I’m always trying new skincare products, but right now this is what seems to be working very well for me. I rarely change out my cleanser, Lotion P50 (never ever) and Retin A, but the other items may come and go. I hope you found this helpful and if you’ve tried some skincare that has totally rocked your world lately, let me know in the comments. Always looking for the latest and greatest!

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