What to get from the Sephora Sale 2020

I don’t really *love* writing two ‘listicles’ back to back on the blog (where you use images from the website and just list products/items), BUT it’s also that time of the year (YAY HOLIDAYS!) when people just want to hear what’s good and order, am I right?! Plus, some of these items I don’t currently own (because I need to re-order myself and was waiting for a sale) OR I’m wanting to try them new, also. Without further adieu, here is what to get from the Sephora sale 2020 (with a clean beauty spin on it)…

What to get from the sephora sale 2020 _ Foreo Luna, Olaplex, Lawless the baby one, biossance, sephora clean fragrance sampler


sephora sale 2020

First, I’ll give you the details on the sale in case you didn’t know…

  • Sale runs Oct. 30-Nov. 9, depending on your rewards-level with code HOLIDAYFUN
  • ROUGE – 20% starting Oct. 30
  • VIB – 15% starting Nov. 3, free shipping on $35+
  • BI – 10% starting 11/5, free shipping $50+
  • You can shop multiple times throughout your access dates through the end of the sale

Here’s what to get from the the Sephora sale 2020:

Next, let’s discuss the items currently in my cart…


Milk Makeup gift set

I added this Milk Makeup set to my cart because although I am NOT a fan of the KUSH mascara (smudged so bad on me), I am really curious about the hydrogrip primer (I’m not a big believer in primers, but so many rave about this), and the watermelon serum stick. The brow gel and eyeliner are just little bonuses!

*edit – I have read the reviews on this set and I’m kind of torn. I thought the watermelon serum stick was their cream blush at first… and now I’m thinking it may just be better to order a mini of the hydrogrip primer and blush stick separately… hmm… 

Ilia Gel Eyeliner (black)

It’s important to take inventory of your eyeliners (and eye makeup in general) every so often and throw out the old stuff. I still have ONE black eyeliner (the Marc Jacobs Blacquer… a staple and so good), but wanted a clean option, so adding this Ilia one to the cart.

Olaplex Shampoo, full size + Olaplex Conditioner, full size

I included these together because they’re my daily shampoo and conditioner! I talked about these in a previous blog post, but for newbies here, I AM OBSESSED with this Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner! It does magical things to my thick, wiry, color treated/highlighted hair. Leaves is soft, fluffy and so shiny without any styling product. Total Holy Grail, AND ‘clean at Sephora.’

Sephora Mini Clean Perfume Sampler

I only have 1 perfume right now that I can’t quite let go of yet (I don’t really wear it much anyway… WHERE ARE WE GOING?! IT’S A PANDEMIC LOL)… Replica Lazy Sunday Morning. But I am curious to switch to a cleaner fragrance and I loved this little sampler set. I really think I’m going to like the Phlur or Maison Louis Marie options, but we’ll see 🙂

BONUS: *In-Store Only: Exchange the included voucher for a FREE FULL-SIZE Travel Spray or Rollerball featured fragrance.

Lawless The Baby One Mini Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow is certainly not something I NEED, but I’m a sucker for eye makeup and I loved this little Lawless palette from watching Annie Lawless (the founder) use it on her Instagram a few weeks ago. I do NOT need another warm eyeshadow palette, but I haven’t tried anything from Lawless yet and it’s about time. May as well get it on sale and share my thoughts!

Lastly, other items you may want to consider that I think are good deals or worth trying…


Biossance Gift Set

Another clean brand that I’ve had a few good blogger/Beautycounter friends recommend! This Biossance set seems great for most skin types!

Olaplex Gift Set

Not ready to commit to the full size shampoo and conditioner? This Olaplex gift set lets you try a little of most of the Olaplex products!

Dyson Hairdryer Set

I have a Dyson hairdryer already, and whenever I have family visit, they try it and tell me how amazing it is. So… it is an amazingly fast dryer that keeps your hair smooth and minimizes frizz. This holiday set costs as much as the dryer alone does during the rest of the year.

Pillowtalk Lip Secrets Set

You KNOW I’ll always love my Charlotte Tilbury products… always beautifully done! This lip set is a must try because the Pillowtalk shade is so universally flattering! I have the iconic lipstick and SWEAR BY the lip pencil; it’s a great ‘your lips but better’ shade.

Foreo Luna 2 or 3

During the Amazon Prime Day, I got the Luna on sale for 49% off and at first, I didn’t think it made a difference, but now I’m noticing it really has helped clear up my hormonal breakouts on my jawline. I think it’s just cleaning my skin better than using my hands alone and thus, letting my skincare penetrate more effectively!

IGK First Class Dry Shampoo

This powerful dry shampoo is NOT clean, but I swear this keeps my hair ‘clean looking’ for almost a week. It’s SUPER intense, but if you have thicker hair, you’ll LOVE this. A lot of dry shampoos don’t give me enough and don’t give me enough volume/texture, but this is a 10/10.


That wraps up what to get from the Sephora sale 2020… in my humble opinion! Let me know what you plan on getting (or what you end up getting)! Would be curious if there’s anything worth picking up in December when they historically send a $20-25 voucher out 🙂


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