What Liquid Collagen Has Done For My Skin

Liquid collagen – and collagen, in general – is a controversial supplement, at best right now. So, I can only speak to my personal experiences taking it. I’ll also give you some facts about the specific formula I chose and why I believe it’s helped me. For the last six months, I have added a liquid collagen supplement to my diet for skin/joint/hair benefits, and want to share the improvements in terms of what liquid collagen has done for my skin (acne prone, sensitive, dehydrated, mid 30s).

What Liquid Collagen Has Done For My Skin | Modere Biocell Skin

For quick background, I do use powdered collagen peptides for a small [not complete] unflavored boost in protein in things like smoothies, cereal and coffee. I’ve done that for at least two years and never saw (or even expected) skin or hair or joint benefits.

When I added liquid collagen, it was because the formula made sense as something that COULD help hair/skin/joints. There is NO protein boost in liquid collagen since it’s not made of ground up animal carcasses the way powder is… it’s derived straight from chicken sternums.

a little explanation on collagens

Worst option: “vegan” collagen. There is no such thing. Collagen is produced by animals (including humans! Though our production of collagen slows drastically after age 25, and it becomes necessary to supplement). There is no way to produce collagen from plants. So you’re wasting 100% of your money with this option. The best sources for collagen are cows and chickens, preferably chickens as theirs most closely mirrors what our bodies produce naturally.
Second worst option: marine collagen. It is made from GMO factory farmed tilapia – often the eyes, scales, and other leftover parts of the fish. This is proven by the fact that it typically has protein listed in it. Pure collagen is NOT a dietary protein. If you see protein listed in a collagen supplement, it comes from the random ground-up animal parts. Essentially, it is “the hot dog of collagens” Marine collagen is also notoriously high in mercury, lead, arsenic, and BMAA which is linked with neurodegenerative diseases.
Best option: high quality type II liquid collagen (best absorbed, and Modere’s is clinically proven to act as type I, II, and III in the body). Our great-great grandparents made collagen (bone broth) from chicken bones. Type II collagen does so much more than hair, skin, and nails (which it is incredible for). It’s also incredibly beneficial to gut health + joints. Modere’s collagen also has 26+ human clinical studies – it is proven to do what it says it does. It has thousands of positive testimonials (it has won tons of awards in the last 8 years), and it has 7 patents, meaning it can’t be duplicated. Which is why you’ll see competitors trying to get into the collagen space, but launching marine collagen (the factory farmed GMO tilapia stuff).
Modere Biocell Skin Review | What Liquid Collagen Has Done For My Skin

What Liquid Collagen Has Done For My Skin

The initial couple of months taking BioCell LIFE, I noticed an improvement in the baby hairs around my hair line. I have never fully recovered from post partum hair loss three years ago, so this change has been a big deal.

But the results pretty much stopped there for me… the regrowth of hair I gave up on. Which is still awesome!

After five months if BioCell LIFE which has amazing antioxidant benefits, including resveratrol, I decided to switch to BioCell SKIN.

No joke… taking BioCell SKIN started to show improvements in my skin almost immediately!


I have always struggled with acne, even as an adult. AND I am currently undergoing infertility treatments. So my skin is typically a total train wreck from all the hormones I’ve been on.

However, my skin has never looked better:

  • tone is even
  • hyperpigmentation is quickly dissipating
  • eye area isn’t as dark (believe me, it’s usually a LOT darker than this haha… thank you, Italian heritage and allergies)
  • no breakouts in sight, and
  • skin appears more plump (less sunken)

What’s in this Liquid Collagen?

The big reason I think BioCell SKIN is making such a huge impact on my dehydrated, sensitive acne prone skin is because of the specific skin-targeting antioxidants (like Green Tea extract), ceramides and the proprietary hyaluronic acid blend.

What I LOVE most about all the variations of BioCell is that it’s a patented matrix of collagen, chondroitin sulfate (joint health!) and hyaluronic acid. Truly a combination to look and feel younger from the inside out.

Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid In The Skin Chart
c/o modere.com

The added boost of ceramides in SKIN have really shown a marked improvement for me.

Ceramides for skincare are important because they reduce free radicals that destroy collagen and elastin in the skin (what gives you that tighter, youthful bounce)! By reducing these free radicals, it prevents a process in the skin that can lead to hyperpigmentation.

Ceramides also most importantly hold the skin together on the uppermost layer. They provide the skin a more hydrated, stronger, more supple appearance.

Like collagen, ceramide production dramatically slows after age 25. This leads to aging and excessively tight/dry skin. A lack/decline of ceramides also contributes to conditions like a deeper appearance of fine lines, redness/irritation, dehydration and even eczema, rosacea and acne (compromised skin barriers).

When the skin is supplemented with quality ceramides, it could strengthen the barrier, improve hydration and overall reduce or eliminate all of those negative skin issues!

GIVE US ALL THE CERAMIDES – plus, bonus… the hair/joint and gut health benefits from the collagen 😉


I’m SO excited to share it with you all! If you’re reading this, you get $10 off your first order by clicking this link – no code needed. It’ll take you to a cart of my Modere FAVORITES. Delete what you don’t want, but I highly recommend the full dose of SKIN collagen (2 tablespoons a day = 2 bottles/month). Don’t forget to set yourself up with subscribe and save at checkout so you’ll get up to an additional 15% off every month!

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What Liquid Collagen Has Done For My Skin Modere Biocell Skin Review Liquid Collagen Anti Aging Benefits

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