What is Oliveda Skincare?

Five years ago, my love of beauty took a turn to focus on clean and conscious brands after battling an over eight and a half year journey with infertility. Majority of the products you’ll find in my beauty arsenal and reviewed here are of that category. However, one big issue I’ve found with clean beauty brands is the lack of high performing, sensitive-skin friendly options that can also target aging. After years of synthetic hormones from IVF and then pregnancy, I was struggling to find something to keep my reactive skin clear, yet glowing (after all, I’m 38 years old). Clean beauty friends were raving about this Oliveda brand… and so like any beauty junkie, I ordered two products and immediately understood what they were talking about. So what is Oliveda skincare?

What is Oliveda Skincare? Get to know this new to the US waterless skincare brand.


I have very sensitive, reactive and acne prone skin. Even with my age (38) and lack of the former oily skin I used to have, I still struggle with breakouts.


The vast majority of cleaner beauty brands use a lot of botanicals, oils and coconut derivatives that simply are not compatible with acne prone skin.

Additionally, many clean brands available here in the US are so segmented by skin type. There is little room for nuances and thus, making it hard to build a skincare routine for majority of skin types with conflicting characteristics (e.g.: oily skin targeting fine lines, dry skin managing acne).

So for me, someone with dehydrated, acne prone, sensitive skin who is targeting anti aging, my options in clean beauty were so limited.

I was able to find a cleaner routine to keep my skin clear, but I was lacking a healthy radiance and glow while preventing aging.

Oliveda serums

what is oliveda skincare ?

Oliveda (parent company: Olive Tree People, or OTP) is a waterless skincare company based on replacing water in their formulas with olive leaf elixir (or pure arbequina oil derived from olives) founded over 19 years ago in Germany.

Conventional skincare brands contain 70-95% water (go ahead, check your favorite products right now… chances are you’ll see ‘Water’ or ‘Aqua’ first on the label), leaving only about 10% of your formulas with the active ingredients you’re paying for.

There’s nothing inherently bad about water, but what happens when a formula is mostly water is brands need to add preservatives and emulsifiers to stabilize and enhance the formulas since water is naturally oxidative.

It’s those preservatives and emulsifiers that can cause irritation and inflammation in our skin – thus limiting the active ingredient’s ability to do what we paid for… and in turn, trying MORE products to correct the irritation and inflammation we’re dealing with instead.

Oliveda F74

what is in oliveda’s skincare ?

The founder of Oliveda, Thomas, healed himself from serious chronic health conditions in 176 days through internally ingesting this olive leaf elixir.

He imagined, “If this ingredient can be so healing for my internals, imaging how healing it could be for the skin – our largest organ?!” And so he began research and development on beauty products nearly 20 years ago.

These products were immediately coveted in Europe in spas and retail stores, after consumers consistently experienced the healing benefits and glow from the OTP products.

The key ingredient found in the olive leaf elixir is a polyphenol called HYDROXYTYROSOL.

Hydroxytyrosol is ONLY found in the olive plant and is a potent antioxidant, extremely protective of the skin, and even has anti cancer properties. It’s the main ingredient responsible for keeping the olive tree alive for over 4,000 years – mimicking human cells in many ways. Go ahead, Google it.

There are several waterless brands available worldwide… but none are replacing with the olive leaf elixir/hydroxytyrosol.

The combination of limiting preservatives and irritating emulsifiers and oils by being waterless, along with the olive leaf elixir = regeneration and corrective healing in the skin in ways unable to replicate from water-full formulas.

favorite oliveda serums for sensitive anti aging

How did I learn about this brand?

As a beauty blogger, I follow many other influencers who share clean beauty brands. A handful of my friends were talking about this brand and their skin all had this same glowy, healthy appearance. Those who struggled with acne were showing their before and afters, and those with other irritations were so excited to share the products they used.

I knew I had to try it, and after falling in love with just TWO serums I added into my routine, partnered up with them as a brand ambassador.

Pretty cool tidbit – Oliveda is NEW to the US as of June 2023 and chose the direct to consumer sales model here, compared to their traditional retails store and spa locations in Europe. For those who love earning a little side income, it’s a great way to add a revenue stream while sharing what you love!


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Is it clean?

YES! Some would argue it’s even cleaner than the ‘clean’ brands here in the US. Since Olive Tree People use such limited (or not at all) preservatives and focus more on holistic bio-active formulas, many of the ‘crunchy’ community even are loving OTP products for their effective, yet more organically sourced formulas.

Like Thomas, the founder, says, “How can you say you’re a clean brand when 75-90% of your formula is water, preservatives and refined oils?”

Is it pregnancy / breastfeeding safe?

Very much so. When I first learned about Olive Tree People, I had seen Gigi Hadid sharing about her pregnancy safe skincare routine to Vogue on YouTube and made the connection once I saw my friends sharing about this brand, also.

There are one or two products I’d avoid during these sensitive times, such as the Midnight Elixir and the LA Dope 004, as it contains retinol. But otherwise, a vast majority of the line up is appropriate for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Check with your provider to confirm, though.

I currently am exclusively breastfeeding my six month old and feel very comfortable using my routine (below).

What else do Olive Tree People offer?

When you shop or partner with Olive Tree People, you get to shop multiple product lines:

  • Oliveda – Olive Tree Therapy skincare and internal beauty supplements
  • LA Dope – CBD Infused skincare and internal beauty supplements
  • Olive Mush – coffee replacement
  • Olive Tree Sound Bath – sound baths and meditation classes

Cleary, OTP is more than just holistic skincare… it’s true healing from the inside out… from tree to beauty <3

What is Oliveda Skincare Review

My current regimen

I’m still trying so many products as this brand entered my life about a month ago, so I’m sure things will change as I continue testing things out…

Right now, my skin is more normal but dehydrated, sensitive, reactive and acne prone but trying to prevent fine lines/wrinkles. Also looking at improving texture and hyperpigmentation.

But right now:

F71 Corrective Cleansing Gel
F59 Corrective Serum
F74 Regeneration Intense Moisturizer
F09 Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

F71 Corrective Cleansing Gel
F86 Vegan Hyaluronic Acid*
F82 Green Retinol*
F74 Regeneration Intense Moisturizer
F64 Corrective Eye Elixir

*I mix 2 drops of each of these together and apply in one step

Weekly, I’ll also use the Olive Core Peeling (a gentle physical scrub) and the AHA+HT Exfoliating Serum.

I also picked up a couple masks (the blemish treatment mask and honey enzyme).

The first two items I started with were the F59 and the F82. They were products recommended after I took the Olive Brain Skin Quiz, and because I got two+ items, I got the eye elixir for free!

Most recently (the last three days), I started taking a couple of the internal support products. The I01 for immune support and internal inflammation reduction (I struggle with autoimmune disease, so this is HUGE), and the I70 to help hydrate and plump the skin, brighten and smooth texture from within.


How do I know what’ll work best for me? There’s 80+ products!

Even as a beauty junkie, I was overwhelmed. So many options! That’s the best part about Olive Tree People. Truly able to find something for you – whether you are a minimalist or maximalist. Especially because they have a 365 day return policy!!

But what’s cool is there are multiple products that do similar things, but for DIFFERENT skin types.

Highly recommend finding a brand ambassador (ME! find me, Steffanie Entralgo on IG @brighterdarling or comment below) to get one on one advice for products, OR take the two minute Olive Brain Skin Quiz. It’s highly intuitive and accurate at recommending the perfect routine.


That’s a lot for today! I wanted to introduce you to this new clean brand and tell you if you feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and you’re still not getting the results from your skincare routine that you want, OR you just love trying new, high performing, corrective skincare brands… this is for you. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Would love to share my favorite acne safe products from Oliveda if you’re interested? Could be a very helpful place to refer to for many.

Hope this ‘What is Oliveda Skincare’ post helped you understand a bit more about the brand, waterless beauty and encourage you to give it a try.


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