March 25, 2015

Top 6 Summer Lipsticks | Neutrals to Brights

Spring has officially arrived! I don’t know about the rest of you, but as a New Jersey girl experiencing her first full spring/summer in Houston, Texas, it certainly crept up on me real fast and I am NOT ready for it. However, a pretty pop of color on the lips really helps to get me ¬†prepped for shorts and flip flops. A little extra cardio doesn’t hurt, either. Here’s my current top summer lipsticks for the season…

Top Summer Lipsticks | Neutrals and Brights | Brighter, Darling

I still love my peachy-pink nudes in the summertime, but I like them kicked up a notch. Lipliners are rarely necessary with my summer lipsticks, so that makes them great for quick beach or pool days (or nights). I also threw in a fun hot pink, purple and true orange for good measure once you really have built up that tan – which we all know you got by using self tanner, right? Not sitting in the sun with tanning oil for 10+ hours drinking mimosas and reading magazines. ūüėČ

Top Summer Lipsticks | MAC Ravishing Fanfare Bombshell Revlon Berry Haute Candy Yum Yum Sephora Tangerine Tango

MAC “Ravishing” // This is probably the easiest to transition from winter to spring. It’s a very warm-toned, light coral/pink. Very creamy, wears about average time (3-4 hours) before reapplying. This shade would look great on my fairer-skinned friends who would never feel comfortable rocking those brighter shades towards the right.

MAC “Fanfare” // Fanfare is a true medium pink with warm undertones for medium to tan skins. It’s appropriate for daytime wear at work through night. I actually wore this shade as a bridesmaid in a friend’s August wedding and it photographed beautifully. This formula is the same as Ravishing, so expect about the same wear time (3-4 hours) before reapplying.

MAC “Bombshell” // This is Barbie pink… with a frost. It’s a medium neutral rosey pink with a slight iridescent frost. It’s surprisingly¬†wearable, creamy and not nearly as frosty as your grandmother’s 1992 lipsticks. It lasts slightly longer on the lips than Ravishing and Fanfare. The name is quite perfect for this one and looks stunning on tan skin.

Revlon “Berry Haute” // Berry Haute is a warm-toned berry purple… a l m o s t¬† orchid but slightly more purple. It can work in summer or fall, to be honest. I find that this lipstick is my equivalent of a red lip at night. You know how wearing simple makeup and a red lip at night just makes a statement and is so easy? No fuss. Just swipe on the red lipstick? Well, Berry Haute is the summertime sister. Keep your makeup super minimal and just swipe this shade on and you look instantly pulled together. I’ve worn this when I was pale in the fall and tan in the summer, so I think this shade can work for many skin tones if you’re confident!

MAC “Candy Yum Yum” // This is not for the faint of heart. It’s matte and literally fluorescent. Candy Yum Yum is a hot, neon pink that looks like a highlighter leaked onto your lips. But it’s so fun! You can sheer it down for a more modest look, or wear it full-on (as it’s swatched in the photo). This lipstick wears the longest out of the troop and even tends to leave a stain. I just love this color for a night out in the summer and I have seen it look great on pale to deep skin tones. I may even say, if you’re going to go bold with a summer lipstick, get this one!¬†

Sephora “Tangerine Tango” // This was the inaugural Sephora/Pantone Color of the Year in 2012. It’s exactly what it says – a bright tangerine orange. The formula is very creamy, but lightweight. This shade will definitely compliment my medium/tan/deep skin tone friends best. I don’t think you can actually find it at Sephora anymore, but you can find dupes here.

Easy To Wear Bright Summer Lipsticks

Which shade is your favorite and what shades are you looking at for summer 2015? Comment below and let me know!


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