Top 7 Everyday Lipsticks for All Skin Tones

If there’s one thing I have a certain “type” for, it’s Channing Tatum lippies. Lord knows I’ve certainly dated a variety of lovely gentlemen before settling down, but lipsticks are pretty analogous. I tend to gravitate towards warm-toned, peachy-pink-nudes with a pretty sheen for a quick, out-the-door kind of look that will transition well through the seasons. These top everyday lipsticks should suit a wide variety of skin tones from fair to medium/deep!

Top Everyday Lipsticks|

Top Everyday Lipsticks |

These shades are all very well-loved and work when I’m super pale in the winter and pretty dark in the summer. I believe there is something for everyone within this collection – whether you’re more a fan of sheer or more opaque color.

Top Everyday Lipsticks | Hue Creme Cup Peach Blossom Bitch Perfect Flesh Patisserie Syrup FLASH

Photo taken with flash

Hue Creme Cup Peach Blossom Bitch Perfect Flesh Patisserie Syrup

Photo taken with no flash (natural light)

MAC “Hue” // This is the sheerest and lightest of the bunch. It’s a light, warmer pinky-beige. I don’t tend to reach for this shade in the summertime or when I have more of a tan, as it washes me out. This is the lightest color I can wear from MAC. So if you can’t wear Creme de Nude or Myth, try this. It’s very similar on the lips but just dark enough and pairs well with a lipliner for added definition. Wear time on this shade is shorter to average.

MAC “Creme Cup” // Creme Cup is a pretty, neutral true pink. It reminds me of the Crayola crayon shade, “Carnation.” This shade can be worn year round, and pairs well with pink or nude lipliners. The formula is creamier than Hue, and therefore, lasts a bit longer on the lips. If you like(d) MAC’s “Shy Girl,” this is its pinkier sister. It’s also identical to MAC “Angel,” but without the slight frost.

MAC “Peach Blossom” // Peach Blossom is the shade I wore on my wedding day! I have super love for this shade. It’s aptly named; a pretty light/medium peachy-pink with a bit of shimmer (NOT frost). This shade also is great year round, and looks prettiest when its true color shows (I tend to wear it on it’s own or with MAC “Etcetera” lipliner, which is very close to the shade). The formula is the same as Creme Cup, so it has decent wear time on the lips. This shade is very similar to MAC’s “Shy Girl,” just a bit deeper.

Charlotte Tilbury “Bitch Perfect” // This is the priciest of the group, but wears the longest and is the most opaque. I’ve talked about it and reviewed it here. It’s a medium, warm pinky-peach with a slight shimmer and a creamier formula than MAC’s Peach Blossom. The color itself is very similar to Peach Blossom, just darker and thicker. I wear this on its own, or with it’s partner in crime, Charlotte’s “Pillowtalk” lip cheat lipliner. If I wear those two together, this lipstick can easily last through eating and drinking, up to 7-8 hours. It’s a great ‘going out’ nude lip combination… especially pretty with a smokey eye.

Make Up Academy “Flesh” // DRUGSTORE FIND (CVS)! Flesh is the cheapest in the group and I’ve also talked about it before here. Flesh is a muted beige-mauve with no shimmer. It has quite a light/sheer application in that you can keep swiping on the lips, but never gets cakey. It has a beautiful shine to it (almost glossy) and a light vanilla scent. The wear time is the worst of the bunch – you’ll be reapplying this one a lot. However; as much as I reapply, it seems that this lipstick doesn’t run out quickly.

MAC “Patisserie” // Patisserie has the same formula as Hue, so expect a sheerer color payoff and not as long of a wear time on the lips. It’s a light rosey-beige shade with high shine. This is a very popular color at MAC and is often sold out because it’s that perfect “My Lips But Better,” color. When it’s cold out and the life fades from your lips, this is the lipstick you want to swipe on to ensure you look alive! I tend to wear this alone, no lipliner. When I wear lipliner, it tends to pull too brown.

MAC “Syrup” // I wore this lipstick for my engagement pictures. It’s a very creamy, medium mauve-beige with a creamier formula than Creme Cup and Peach Blossom. More of a grown up color, it’s a great neutral for pictures when you want a ‘natural’ look but still bring life to the lips. This is another shade I rarely use with lipliner because it can dramatically alter the color. I can see this shade pulling a bit too purple/brown on fair-skinned friends, but it looks pretty foolproof on medium-tan-dark skin tones year-round.

Top Nude Lipsticks |

You’ll notice I own several MAC shades. That’s simply because I think they’re great quality for the price (drugstore lipsticks are soaring as high as $13 these days… wtf), never dry my lips out and I really love the subtle vanilla scent.

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What are some of your favorite everyday lippies? Comment below so I can add them to my list 🙂


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