April 9, 2018

Shopping the Sephora Spring Bonus Sale Recommendations

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It’s that time of the year where Sephora holds their 10-15% off everything sale in April! Starting this weekend, April 13, VIB Rouge will get 15% off their purchases and then the following weekend, VIB and BI’s will get 15% and 10% off, respectively. You can shop the sale as often as you want – it’s not a one-time use code – so shop early to ensure you get your must-haves first… then shop later for some treat-yourself moments. If you’re shopping the Sephora Spring Bonus Sale this week, here are my top picks and recommendations for your list…

Sephora Spring Bonus Sale 2018 Brighter Darling Blog

shopping the sephora spring bonus sale 2018 – recommendations

My strategy is to first think about products you continuously use throughout the year. 

Yes, it sucks to spend $100+ for a year’s worth of brow pencils, but because Sephora and Ulta DO tend to hold 20% off sales in November, just think about what you need to get you through until then. 3 brow pencils? 2 mascaras? A bottle of foundation? This is the time to get those things.

I always stock up on my Benefit Precisely My Brow pencil in #2, usually pick up a fresh BeautyBlender, and add in the famous Shiseido Cotton Squares.

The second recommendation is to think about fragrance purchases.

These are high price items that most of us hate buying for ourselves, but I have an AMAZING deal to share with you that I got from Anti-Aging Amber on YouTube:

Check if your favorite fragrance or cologne is in one of the Sephora Fragrance Sampler gift sets. These are sets of several trial-size fragrances that include a voucher for a full-size of the fragrance you liked the most. They are always around $60 which is less than what you’d buy a full size for (1.7oz perfumes go for around $80+). BONUS for the 10-15% off! 

For example, I’m a die-hard for Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. The 1.7oz retails for $84. However, Daisy is included in the Sephora perfume sampler, priced at $65. I’ll get it for $55.25 with the 15% sale, then redeem my voucher for the 1.7oz Daisy perfume. That’s nearly $30 off for my fragrance of choice!

Last recommendation is shopping the sale-on-sale.

Don’t forget to peruse the sale section on Sephora because you’ll get an additional 10-15% off items already marked as low as 50% off. Be sure to read the reviews, though, because oftentimes these items are on sale for a good reason. However, I have certainly seen diamonds in the rough so be smart.

shopping the sephora spring bonus sale 2018 – top picks

Now that we got the essentials out-of-the-way, let’s take a look at some newer releases and tried-and-true products I think are worth a try.

I don’t necessarily think everyone needs high end shampoo and conditioners, but I do invest in high end styling products.

I know this may not be the most exciting list of all time, but honestly, this particular Sephora sale isn’t that incredible.

If you shop from your favorite brand’s websites directly, oftentimes they have Friends and Family sales the week before or after this Sephora sale and offer 20-25% off. Plus, many items carry over to Ulta who offer much better rewards and often have 20% off sales, too.

Lastly, with all the new makeup releases that have been shoved down our throats lately, I filter through the BS quite quickly. Oftentimes, I try things myself and if I’m not blown away, I’m not going to sit here and recommend you repetitive crap (e.g. Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette. It’s pretty, but it’s repetitive and I used it for 3 days before pushing it to the side).

Moral of the story: shop smart during this sale. Don’t get caught up in the hype of 3242352 shiny new releases. Think about your staples because 10-15% off isn’t exactly apocalypse-worthy. 😉

What are you picking up from the sale? Did I miss something revolutionary? Do let me know!


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