Stitch Fix Unboxing | September and November 2018

I’ve dabbled in Stitch Fix through the years off and on, but really got back into it during pregnancy when I tried out Stitch Fix Maternity (they also do Stitch Fix Men and Stitch Fix KIDS now, too)! After baby, as any new mom can attest to, it’s near impossible to get out of the house and getting things delivered is your saving grace. So I stuck with Stitch Fix after maternity and have been pleasantly surprised with their offerings. Let’s check out what I got in my Stitch Fix Unboxing for September and November.

Stitch Fix Unboxing Post Partum Style | New Mom Fashion | New Mom Style | Brighter Darling Blog

If you’re unaware what Stitch Fix is, it’s a clothing subscription service.

You pay $20 per ‘fix’ or shipment as a styling fee. This fee is then applied toward the balance of any item(s) you keep in your ‘fix’ (box).

Each fix includes 5 items… could be clothing, accessories, shoes, outer wear, even undergarments, too! Keep them all and get 25% off the balance. Or keep none and send them all back.

You can pick out your style, how you prefer clothes fit, colors or prints you hate wearing, items you don’t care to receive, or make special requests for each box (e.g.: “send me dresses for a wedding I have this month”).

Skip fixes whenever you want. You don’t have to get a fix every month. You can get them every other month, every 6 months, or just when you want a refresh each season. No additional fees!

The key to loving Stitch Fix is getting a stylist that totally understands your style and preferences. It may take a couple of boxes to get it right, but I’ve hit the jackpot with my stylist, Kristen, and these two September and November fixes were just perfect for my post-baby wardrobe.

stitch fix unboxing

In my September box, I requested my stylist to send me items I would look flattering in postpartum. I also really wanted something camo print since it’s super ‘in’ right now.

I about DIED when I got the adorable (and super slimming) SPANX camo leggings!

SPOILER ALERT: I ended up keeping all 5 items in my box for September. It was my favorite box yet.

For my November box, I requested an outfit to wear for the holidays, and again, more casual/athleisure wear to rock with this post baby bod.

Reasons I’m LOVING Stitch Fix now versus in the past:

  • It’s so convenient. I don’t have to go shopping by myself and use the dreaded fitting rooms.
  • It’s tailored to me. Sometimes, items may ‘fit’ us, but we don’t particularly like the style but keep it anyway because it fits. That doesn’t happen with Stitch Fix. The items fit me and are my style and I didn’t have to go to 8 different stores to get the items.
  • I set the prices. Don’t feel comfortable buying $100 jeans? Don’t worry. Stitch Fix lets you set your budget for each fix. Feel like splurging? They even offer Stitch Fix LUXE with higher end brands like Rebecca Minkoff, etc.
  • It makes me feel good. After long days of keeping a human alive, it’s fun to get a box to treat myself as I adjust to my new body. Things don’t exactly go back where they were after baby, so even if I get to my pre-baby weight, it’s distributed differently and clothes don’t fit the way they used to. It’s important to take care of yourself, too.

Check out the items and the try-on footage with price breakdown of all items and sizes on my YouTube channel here:

If you haven’t, but want to try Stitch Fix, consider using my referral link to get $25 off your first box. I’ll also get Stitch Fix credit if you use my link, so I appreciate it! Win/win.

This isn’t an affiliate link, ANYONE who uses Stitch Fix gets a referral code. That means once you sign up, you can share YOUR code with friends and family, too. 🙂


Stitch Fix Unboxing | New Mom Style Tips | New Mom Fashion | brighter darling blog

What did you think of the items I got? Would you have returned some I kept? Which were your favorite?

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