Spring Sephora and Ulta Haul 2018

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It’s been quite awhile since my last haul post! I usually don’t share every time I pick up new beauty products (because that’d be disgustingly frequent), but with the recent Sephora 15% off and Ulta 20% off sales, I definitely collected a decent amount of new goodies to share. Since I’ve had a couple of weeks to try most of it out by now, I will be sharing some initial first impressions, too. Interested in seeing what I picked up in my spring Sephora and Ulta haul? Continue reading to find out all the details…

Spring Sephora and Ulta Haul 2018 Brighter Darling Blog

spring sephora and ulta haul

I wish this haul was more *exciting* and full of shiny, new releases. But to be honest, it’s full of repurchases and well-established products that have a solid reputation as fan favorites.

Most are longstanding top-reviewed items that I’m just finally getting around to picking up.

Oftentimes, I think these are the products that get overlooked yet are equally important to talk about… if not MORE important!

benefit precisely my brow pencil

You guys have heard me talk about this damn pencil more times than I care to count for almost two years now! I’m such a massive Benefit Brow Gal – I truly believe they do brows the best. After switching it up and using shade 03 for a few months, I decided to go back to shade 02 because I think it’s a lot softer and more natural on my complexion.

shiseido cotton pads

I know when I first heard bloggers raving about these $10 cotton pads, I did NOT understand the hype. What was wrong with my $3/80 cotton rounds from CVS? Well, for starters, the Shiseido ones are soft as a baby’s butt and never scratch or leave cotton bits on your face. Second, I make them more affordable by separating each square in half, doubling the contents. That gives me 330 cotton pads for $10 (or less, with the sale) which lasts me about 6 months.

If you do the math, I’d be spending around $12 for 330 CVS cotton rounds, so the Shiseido ones are not only way higher quality, but cheaper. WINNING!

Spring Sephora and Ulta Haul 2018 Shiseido Facial Cotton, MAC Prep and Prime Fix+, Morphe Blending Sponge Ulta, The Ordinary Azelaic Acid

estee lauder bronze goddess bronzer

This one has taken me WAY longer than I care to admit considering I work on the Estee Lauder pro artist team and use this bronzer on ALL clients whenever I’m working.

More importantly, the pan size is MASSIVE (think: those big Wet n Wild bronzer pans or the big Tom Ford or Marc Jacobs pans) and the shades provide the most natural, blendable, buildable warmth without being orange! Estee Lauder nailed this formula and shade range for bronzer (I use shade 03 Medium Deep, but also like 01 Light. I don’t love shades 02 or 04 as much… a bit too red-toned).


flower beauty blush, warm hibiscus

I had seen this blush scattered about some of my favorite Instagrammer’s accounts and knew I needed to have this blush shade for summer.

It’s a perfect medium neutral pink with a gorgeous golden sheen, plus the slim packaging with flower embossing is super cute.

morphe blending sponge

Another item I picked up based on influencer’s suggestions… this $7 beauty-blender inspired sponge is said to have the perfect squishiness…. which I had to try.

I have not put this sponge down since purchasing it. It is definitely a perfect squishiness and blends concealer under the eyes like an airbrush wand.

lancome lip pencil, ideal

Jeez… this is ANOTHER product I was inspired to pick up thanks to an influencer! Alexandrea Garza is one of my favorite beauty and style inspirations, and she was loving on this deep beige nude lip pencil for a long time.

Since both she and I love the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheats in Pillow Talk and Iconic Nude, I trust her product shade recommendations 100% and love the shade of this pencil.

One con is that I thought it would last as long as the Charlotte Tilbury pencils and it does not. šŸ™

marc jacobs highliner eye pencil, ro(cocoa)

Hello, summer eyeliner.

This is the PERFECT bronze-brown eyeliner in the coveted Marc Jacobs formula that stays put until you remove your makeup at night. Super creamy, full pigment and easy to apply to the waterline… the Marc Jacobs eye pencils are the best money can buy when you just cannot find that perfect eyeliner shade at the drugstore.

mac fix+

I’m sorry, this is the best face mist (and mister!) out there. Nothing compares with the mister on Mac Fix+ and it had been months since I ran out of my last bottle.

Not only can you use this all over your face to melt your makeup together and get rid of that powdery look, provides a healthy dew to the skin, but it’s awesome to foil your eyeshadows (wet them to give them a more intense look), turn any eyeshadow into an eyeliner or even calm down mild frizz in your hair.

http://bit.ly/2r9z8BZThis multi-tasker is not just a staple in my pro makeup kit, but also a necessity since becoming pregnant and having my super oily skin turn moderately dry.


sephora fragrance set

You guys may have read about this set and deal in my previous Sephora Sale Recommendations post, but of course I purchased this fragrance favorites set for myself so I could get my Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume full size for nearly $30 cheaper.

These sets are available year-round at Sephora and always an amazing deal – especially if the fragrance you’re looking for is included in the set already.

Spring Sephora and Ulta Haul Brighter Darling Blog Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess 03 Medium Deep, Flower Pots Blush Warm Hibiscus, Lancome Ideal, Marc Jacobs RoCocoa

the ordinary azelaic acid

Years ago, I was on a prescription acne topical called Aczone. It was brand new and didn’t have a generic out yet (I don’t think it does yet, still). Anyways, it was amazing for adult acne! Did not dry my skin out too much, no flakes and quelled my breakouts very well.

The base of the Rx was Azelaic Acid and until The Ordinary, I could NOT find a skincare/non-Rx dupe for Aczone for years! Finally, The Ordinary came through with an Azelaic Acid topical for dirt cheap ($7.90!), and since it’s a pregnancy safe acid that treats acne, I needed it in my life (my skin may have gone dry, but the acne is still very much present lol).

spring 2018 sephora and ulta haul _ what to buy at sephora and ulta spring 2018 _ spring makeup ideas

That’s what I picked up from the sale(s).

So far, my favorites have been the bronzer, the eye pencil, and the azelaic acid… although, everything’s been such a welcome addition (or re-addition) to my collection.

Nothing’s been a dud, which is always the best feeling when you’re spending your cash-money.

What did you guys pick up from the Sephora or Ulta sales recently? Anything good?

I will say, I regret not picking up a couple of the releases from the new TooFaced Natural collection. I’ve always admired those eye palettes and the new face palette is getting rave reviews!


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