May 22, 2020

Spring Beauty Haul 2020

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It’s been awhile since I posted a beauty haul and I’m so excited about it! I think I just accumulate products over a short period of time and don’t really think of it as a ‘one big haul order,’ but I basically got these makeup, skincare and haircare products in the same month… so to me, that’s a haul. Most of this is stuff that’s perfect for spring/summer, too… so I am super excited to share what I picked up recently in my spring beauty haul! BONUS… all of these are clean beauty!

Spring Beauty Haul | Clean Beauty Haul | Brighter Darling Blog

As I continue my exploration into clean beauty, I’m trying to try more brands that I think are comparable to traditional beauty brands in terms of performance.

Of course, Beautycounter is thrown into the mix because their products *ARE* safer *AND* high performing. That’s the #1 reason I decided to join the Beautycounter movement – I don’t feel like I’m ever sacrificing performance for safety.

But it’s not all Beautycounter (as you can see from the photos)! There are other brands that are creating great cleaner beauty out there, and I want to try it allll so I can make solid recommendations to anyone who is ready to make some safer swaps.

spring beauty haul

Beautycounter All Bright C Serum

As a regular blog reader, you’ll probably be familiar with why I love vitamin c serums for my acne scars and overall skin tone brightening.

There’s a couple issues with vitamin c in skincare, though. One, it oxidizes quickly. Two, good quality vitamin/high efficacy C serums are pricey.  Three, they can sometimes cause irritation because brands compensate for the oxidization by increasing the potency.

Who wants to drop $80-160 on a serum to have it be essentially noneffective in six weeks… turning amber/brown and no longer working the way you thought it was the first couple of weeks?! Not me. But it happens over and over again.

Beautycounter knew this was a problem, so they invested in the research to formulate a highly stable, highly potent, non irritating 10% vitamin c serum – All Bright C Serum! It’s also boosted with turmeric and camu camu superfruit (which has 50x more vitamin c than an orange).

Spring Beauty Haul, Beautycounter All Bright C Serum

Beautycounter Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation

When I first talked about Beautycounter on my blog, I raved about the Tint Skin foundation! I also have a YouTube video/demo/wear test with it.

I loved the lightweight, buildable medium coverage for every day, and was super impressed with the performance over the course of the day… AND the fact that it wasn’t super oily – which is a problem with a lot of clean beauty foundations.

Well, Tint Skin got replaced by Skin Twin this month and I’m loving this even more! It’s all the goodness of Tint Skin, but with MORE shades (18, as opposed to 10), 9X more hyaluronic acid for skin plumpness, beautiful glass packaging and a pump for sustainability, and a longer wearing/slightly more coverage formula. YAY!

Spring Beauty Haul | Beautycounter Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation | Brighter Darling Blog

Beautycounter Countermatch Refresh Foaming Cleanser

Lastly in my new-Beautycounter-goodies, is a cleanser that I never thought I needed. A cleanser Is a cleanser, right?

I’ve been using the Countercontrol Clear Pore Cleanser for months – and I love the super foamy gel with exfoliating beads.

But there are times I just don’t need that super deep clean and don’t want those little beads all over my eyes, yet I need something to break down the bits of eye makeup still.

ENTER: Countermatch Refresh Foaming Cleanser. This is a beautiful, luxe cream-to-foam cleanser that removes makeup and impurities gently… while squalane, phytic acid and plum oil boost radiance and glow. It actually feels more like a conditioning treatment for your face.

Spring Beauty Haul, Beautycounter Countermatch Refresh Foaming Cleanser

KOSAS Bronzer

I’m a sucker for bronzer. Duh. I’m from Jersey.

But bronzer is a category that was tough for clean beauty to do well.

It’s one of the categories I had to throw away the MOST products from when I cleaned out my beauty collection for cleaner products.

This KOSAS bronzer (Medium) attracted me because they said it was like a sun filter for your face – and it’s talc free. That’s exactly what I want in the summertime!

It TOTALLY delivered! This may be my new favorite summer bronzer! It definitely gives a sunshine filter to the skin, but you should be aware… it definitely has a sheen to it – it’s NOT matte. It’s also not shimmery… but it gives a healthy summer glow.

Also, the packaging is super cool. Just sayin.’

Kosas Bronzer in Medium, Kosas Revealer Concealer in Shade 4 | Spring Beauty Haul

KOSAS Revealer Concealer

Another clean beauty category I’m perpetually hunting for high performing, FULL COVERAGE formulas… concealer.

I’m a Tarte Shape Tape til I die kind of girl… but I’ve found a couple cleaner options and this KOSAS Revealer Concealer (shade 4) is definitely the top contender right now.

It is super lightweight and very blendable on the skin but packs a huge punch of coverage and doesn’t feel heavy/greasy. It reminds me of a mix of the Tarte Shape Tape and the ColourPop concealers mixed together.

KOSAS Revealer Concealer Shade 4 Swatch

Ilia Nightlite Bronzing Powder

When KOSAS launched their new bronzers, Ilia did, as well. It was crazy timing.

So I had to compare and try the Ilia Bronzer (Novelty) out after seeing 32342x Facebook videos/ads using it.

When I first got this order in, I wasn’t as impressed with the packaging, It’s a little bulky and feels slightly cheaper than, say, the KOSAS bronzer.

But the formula is completely different.

Yes, it’s talc free, as well, but it’s matte.

However, this isn’t a formula I would say you can ‘brontour’ with (bronze and contour… like a Benefit HOOLA).

It still pulls pretty warm (I got the darker of the two shades). But it’s really pretty and a hint more neutral-toned than the Beautycounter bronzers (which are also pretty warm).

Full review/comparison of the KOSAS vs. Ilia soon.

Spring Beauty Haul | Ilia Daylite and Nightlite Highlighter and Bronzer Powders, Ilia Multi Stick I Put a Spell On You

Ilia Daylite Highlight

I really don’t need any more highlighters in my life. It’s a little ridiculous haha.

Also, highlighters are a product I find most brands – traditional beauty or not – do fine at using safer ingredients.

I didn’t have to throw away many of my traditional beauty highlighters.

But still, I want to know what the clean beauty world offers!

This Ilia highlighter (Decades) is also talc-free and I love the way it sticks to the skin like you’re just naturally glowing.

If you’ve tried the Beautycounter highlighters, this is more intense.

For people who are looking for a traditional beauty comparison, I’d say the ilia highlighter falls between an Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder sheen… and a Becca highlighter. It’s in the middle.

Swatches of Ilia Daylite Highlighter Decades, Ilia Nightlite Bronzer Novelty, Kosas Bronzer Medium, Ilia Multi Stick "I Put A Spell on You"

Ilia Multi Stick

This one took me by surprise! I’m definitely not someone who loves cream/stick blushes, but I’m learning to get more into them lately.

I am learning it’s all about the color you get. You really want to find one that melts into your skin as the shade you naturally get after a good run, a long shower, or a couple hours in the sun.

For me, that’s a coral/deep peachy pink. So the Ilia multi stick in “I Put A Spell On You’ is perfection in a stick (Hot Tangerine).

The formula is a little different than I’ve tried from other brands. This formula is almost like a gel-cream stick. It’s a wash of color that’s totally buildable… but not super intense.

I’m really enjoying this on it’s own for quick makeup days… or layered under a powder blush for a summer glow that lasts forever!

KVD Beauty Mini Shade/Light Contour Powder

This is technically *not* clean beauty, but in my review of the ingredients, I didn’t see anything particularly alarming and felt fine about it.

Why I like this little Mini Shade/Light duo is it is simple. I have (and have loved) the full size Kat Von D shade/light palette… but it’s definitely years old and my favorite shades in it are the medium/yellow highlight powder and the medium contour powder.

This palette only has those two shades I used the most!

I am LOVING using a yellow-toned setting powder for under my eyes lately. They’re looking extra tired (thanks, allergies) so this helps add a little more brightness over my concealer.

Clean High Performing Shampoo and Conditioner Clean at Sephora, Olaplex No 4 Shampoo and Olaplex No 5 Conditioner, KVD Beauty Mini Shade Light Contour Palette | Spring Beauty Haul

Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner

One of the top questions I get asked for cleaner beauty is cleaner hair care recommendations!

It’s a hard formula to seem to get right and still be high performing.

So, until recently, I was still using traditional shampoos and conditioners… with testing samples of other brands here and there. Nothing impressing me.

Then, my Beautycounter friend and fellow blogger – Espresso and Cream Blog, Madison – recommended the Olaplex Shampoo No. 4 and Conditioner No. 5. I had to try them because I love the Olaplex bonding treatment, so may as well give this duo a shot!

It’s rated Clean at Sephora, and although it’s not the CLEANEST SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER on the market, for the combination of clean and high performing, I believe in progress over perfection.

With that said, I AM OBSESSED with this combo! It’s not often I can wash/condition and not need to use any oils/treatments with my blow out. But using this duo, I didn’t need any smoothing/hydrating styling treatments and my hair felt soft, bouncy, shiny and clean.

Totally a new MUST HAVE.


That wraps up my recent spring beauty haul! Maybe you’ll give one (or a few) of these a try and If you love it, let me know <3


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