For Old Times’ Sake… Sephora Sale Clean Beauty Recommendations 2019

So, word on the street is everyone’s sick and tired of Sephora’s ‘promotions’ and rewards program. It keeps getting less and less enticing to shop Sephora when their rewards are minuscule in exchange for what customers are paying/buying/investing in, and they keep taking away perks.  But for old times’ sake, since there IS a 10-20% sale going on right now depending on your status, I wanted to share a little Sephora Sale Clean Beauty Recommendations you may want to look at…

Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations 2019 | Clean Beauty Edition

Sephora’s really been pissing people off lately. This year, they downgraded their normal 20% off November sale for VIBs to 15% which has everyone pretty aggravated. I’m currently still a Rouge, so I maintained my 20% off and free flash shipping, but even I haven’t been blind to their Point Perks being really lame and the fact that their initial 2-day flash shipping magically changed unannounced to 3-day.

Besides that, we all know Ulta loves to run multiple 20% off sales throughout the year, usually RIGHT before Sephora does. Additionally, Ulta is carrying more and more prestige and Indie brands that Sephora doesn’t.

Another thing to note, if you don’t already subscribe to your favorite brand’s newsletters, you’re missing out. I’d venture to say 98% of them at this point run their OWN Friends + Family 20% off sales right before this Sephora sale. And you don’t have to be a loyalty/rewards member/donate your firstborn/spend $1500 a year with them. Just sayin’…


Since I *am* delving into cleaner beauty waters this year, I have definitely picked up some things from Sephora lately that fall into the ‘clean’ realm. Are they PERFECTLY nontoxic and clean, by Beautycounter’s standards? Not all of it. But it’s a helluva lot better than 80% of the other brands you’ll find on their website.

The sale is happening NOW through 11/11 using code HOLIDAYSAVE at checkout.

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To make this easy, I’m just listing my 10 product favorites with pics. It’s not that serious. You guys just want to know if this would be something you’ll like/need.

RMS Un Coverup Foundation

I personally picked this new foundation up during the sale on the first day because I had a sample of it and REALLY enjoyed it for it’s medium/full coverage in a super clean formula. It’s pretty oil-laden, though. So if you don’t like oils in your makeup, this may not be for you (or if you’re super oily). Personally, even with my combo skin, I don’t mind it and think it photographs absolutely beautifully and super natural/healthy in pictures and video.


Ole Henriksen C Rush Brightening Gel Creme

This moisturizer was sent to me complimentary in PR and I’m really thankful for it! It’s a perfect lightweight, yet deeply hydrating brightening moisturizer chock full of vitamin C. Also smells very lightly of creamsicle/citrus. I like this for night time if you’re on the more normal/normal dry skin side.

KOSAS Weightless Lipstick

I picked this lipstick up in shade Stardust (the lightest shade they make right now) and although the color isn’t my preferred peachy pink nude, this formula is absolutely EXQUISITE! So creamy, balmy, hydrating yet weightless! The color payoff is even and so, so beautiful on the lips. WISH they made more nude shades, but I DMd their Instagram and they said they would be soon!

KOSAS Color + Light Pressed Blush

I picked this blush duo up on Contrachroma (a peachy bronze) semi recently, too, and have to say, again… KOSAS knocked these out of the park in terms of color payoff, blendability and shade selections.

ILIA Liquid Light Highlighter

Think of this serum highlighter as the Clean Beauty version of the Marc Jacobs Dew Drops! I really enjoyed those… but the ILIA is a little better because the formula is more serum-based instead of gel based, like MJ. The blinding highlighted effect you’ll get from this will make you forget this is ‘clean beauty.’

Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Sunscreen

I don’t know why Drunk Elephant’s two sunscreens (this version, which is tinted… and their regular non tinted version) get not great reviews. I have been using these for well over a year now and really enjoy them! They blend into my skin well, never cause breakouts and are pretty moisturizing. I also do not understand people saying things about the ‘gritty’ texture. That’s what happens when you have a physical SPF… it’s the Zinc Oxide. It blends away instantly. What more can I ask for in a daily SPF?

Drunk Elephant C Firma Vitamin C Serum

I love this Vitamin C serum and I have tried SO MANY. It’s something about the formula’s inclusion of a little bit of marula oil that really does something special at brightening the skin and fading dark spots. Its SO pricey, though so I only recommend getting it during the sale (or A sale).

Cover FX Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation

After cleaning out ALL of my makeup and only keeping moderately clean products while I fully transition over to CLEAN-CLEAN, I wasn’t left with many pressed powder to set my foundation with… so I picked up the Cover FX one. I’ve definitely used this formula in the past and really enjoy it. Love that it can double as a foundation on its own, too.

Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder

This setting powder is widely regarded as one of – if not THE – best clean beauty setting powders on the market. Not too drying, it does a great job at ‘baking’ concealer and overall refining the look of pores. It also comes in a mini travel size to try out!

Aether Beauty Eyeshadow Palette(s)

This eyeshadow palette is one I have NOT tried yet personally, but have seen many YouTube demos and read thousands of positive reviews about this clean eyeshadow formula. I chose to feature this particular color story because I think it’s a nice solid mix of everyday wearable neutrals in warm and cool tones. Very helpful to have them BOTH in one palette!



What do you guys think of these picks? Any you have tried before… or any you’re thinking of picking up? I reallyyyy don’t need another eyeshadow palette in my life, but I am super curious about this formula and it’s not in my local Sephora store, so that may be happening… eek.


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