Sephora Collection Honey Sheet Mask Review

Sheet masks are a pretty new thing to the western beauty world. Originated in Korean skin care, sheet masks are used because they pack such a potent punch of helpful skin care ingredients suspended in the serum-soaked sheet. I picked up this $6 Sephora Collection Honey Sheet Mask with travel plans in mind – I knew I was flying back to the New Jersey/New York/Philadelphia for Christmas and the words, “nourishing” and “balancing” were exactly what I wanted for my face during travel time.

sephora honey mask review

The sheet masks I’ve tried have been very thin paper, but this Sephora honey mask was actual fiber/cloth. The sheets have cutouts for your eye area, nostrils and mouth. The paper/fiber mask is saturated in the serum. I’ve read that some people even squeeze out the excess serum for follow-up usage (drain into a Ziploc for future use).The honey mask was no different – definitely completely soaked in serum.

I used this on my first night back in New Jersey. I warned my husband that when he got out of the shower, I may or may not look like Jason from the Halloween movies. As I placed the mask on and laid down in bed so it wouldn’t slide off my face, I perused my Bloglovin‘ feed and waited the 10-15 minutes as it went to work nourishing and balancing my face.

It felt cool and refreshing, had a very mild earthy sort of smell (not honey), and didn’t seem to burn or irritate my face. I stayed in a reclined position and didn’t have any issues with the mask moving or slipping. After 15 minutes, I removed the mask. My face was slightly reddened (which isn’t totally abnormal for me – water can turn my face red since it is so sensitive). I massaged the remaining serum into my skin and left it overnight (you aren’t supposed to rinse). I didn’t see anything miraculous and my skin didn’t break out post-use.

Would I recommend or repurchase? No. Save your $6 and get yourself one of those Starbucks Chestnut Praline Lattes while you still can! ::Swoon::


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