Reviewing SIGMA Cor De Rosa Eyeshadow Palette

Those of you who watch my YouTube channel or have read my makeup brushes blog post know I have been a fan of Sigma brushes for years. They also offer a limited selection of makeup products, and recently have started to transition a lot of their color cosmetics to a cleaner formula. I was SO excited to hear this, since many of you know I am trying to use majority clean products these days. I also am a huge believer in clean still being high performing, so to see Sigma step it up and create makeup that is cleaner and still awesome has been great! I took a chance and ordered the new, clean, Cor De Rosa eyeshadow palette and was unsure how it was going to go. Previously, I haven’t been impressed with the Sigma eyeshadow formula, so let’s get to reviewing SIGMA Cor De Rosa Eyeshadow palette to see what I thought!

Reviewing SIGMA Cor De Rosa Eyeshadow Palette

In reviewing the Sigma Cor De Rosa Eyeshadow Palette ($49 USD, get $$ off using code BRIGHTERDARLING at checkout), it seems like a standard super warm neutrals collection.

It reminded me heavily of a cross between Urban Decay Naked Heat and Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palettes.

To be honest, if you have both of these, you definitely don’t NEED Cor De Rosa, unless you want to exclusively use cleaner formulas in your makeup.

However – for blogging review purposes – I wanted to test drive this new, cleaner formula.

Sigma Cor De Rosa Eyeshadow Palette Packaging | Sigma New Clean Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

Sigma Cor De Rosa Palette

This palette contains 14 shades. Nine are matte, two have a glittery finish, 3 feel more metallic.

Sigma Cor De Rosa Eyeshadow Palette Swatches


  • Belle of the Ball – Elegant beige shimmer
  • Veranda – Malted milk matte
  • Sunsprite – Bright marigold shimmer
  • Damask – Soft pomegranate matte
  • Shakespeare – Dramatic maroon matte
  • Apricot – Muted honey matte
  • High Society – Vibrant marmalade metallic
  • Bare Root – Dark umber matte
  • Hybrid – Pinky orange matte
  • Medallion – Russet brown matte
  • Campfire – Warm sandstone metallic
  • Dark Night – Wild maroon metallic
  • Summer Song – Burnt orange matte
  • Cor-de-Rosa – Earthy rose matte

I always look for a matte, beige/bone shade and a darker brown or black shade for any palette to check for versatility.

A beige/bone shade is great for browbone or all over the lid color to ‘set’ primer… and a brown or black is necessary for drama and deepening things up.

Cor de Rosa contains both. Veranda is the beige/bone and Bare Root is the dark brown.

After that, I look for transition shade options.

It’s never good to only have one transition shade. Transition shades are what goes through the crease. You typically want a matte shade that’s in a light/mid-tone color.

Cor De Rosa has about four – Hybrid, Medallion, Apricot and Cor-De-Rosa. That’s awesome! They also are different tones, to give you more versatility in creating different looks… Hybrid is peach, Medallion is brown, Apricot is orangey, and Cor-De-Rosa is mauve/rose.

Then, lid colors.

You really can go any way with lid shades, but I think most gravitate to shimmer shades for the lid for a pop. Of course, Cor-De-Rosa does contain several shimmery lid options from lighter to deep… you have glittery options like Bell of the Ball and Sunsprite, more metallic options for a less intense look in Campfire, Dark Night and High Society.

Overall, this palette really is extremely well thought out to give the user a multitude of looks that can be fairly neutral to SUPER rosey and warm.


My biggest issue with previous Sigma eyeshadow is the texture was stiff and dry. It was hard to build color and overall, unimpressive.

Incredibly enough, Cor De Rosa palette is a MAJOR upgrade and the formula is completely different than previous Sigma shadows I’ve used (Warm Neutrals palettes).

These shadows remind me of the Tarte palettes – my Tartelette in Bloom in particular.

They have amazing pigmentation, blend like a dream and layer really well.

They also last all day long with or without a primer and no fading/creasing.

Incredibly impressive and totally different than previous formulas.

I believe Sigma is updating all of their palettes to be in this new formula and I am totally here for it!


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overall thoughts

If you have been itching for a new warm toned palette, you haven’t tried Urban Decay Naked Heat/Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance… OR… you want to try some excellent cleaner eyeshadows to swap out in your routine, you have to try the Sigma Cor De Rosa palette.

You will not be disappointed and it gets two thumbs way up from me!


Have you tried the new Sigma ‘clean’ products yet? What are your thoughts? I also ordered the liquid eyeliner and gel eyeliner in the cleaner formulas… let me know if you want my thoughts on those soon 🙂




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