Recovering from Lilly x Target

As much as I love my neutral, slightly surfer/bohemian casual style, there’s just something about the cuts and fun prints of Lilly Pulitzer that sometimes really catch me by surprise. Although I don’t think I could ever rock one of her brightest pieces, the recent collaboration with Target stirred up quite a frenzy. I actually only slept for one hour on Saturday night – spending all evening on and their mobile app scouring to “check out” multiple times to no avail. I ended up at the Golden Gates of Target at 7:45am Sunday morning, and managed to escape with two out of the six things I really wanted – along with a couple items that happened to call my name which will be perfect additions to my Hawaii Honeymoon in three weeks. More about my Lilly Pulitzer for Target experience after the jump!

Lilly for Target

I feel pretty confident in saying the Lilly for Target collab was probably the biggest collab and collection Target has had with a high end designer… or at least that’s what it seemed when Lilly crashed the website and all the looney tunes at my local Target literally placed entire racks of clothes (in all the sizes) into their carts and tried bartering with others who grabbed her items from other departments. I literally thought I was in Supermarket Sweeps meets Hunger Games.

Nevertheless, I managed to get some winners that are all completely sold out online and in most stores by now. I’m really impressed with the quality. Even the sizing (although not perfect) was very true to size (e.g. nothing was running dramatically cheap/small, or overly large). I felt the Target size chart was helpful. Here are my goodies/bounty from the chaos:

Lilly for Target

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Eyelet Tunic Cover-Up - Navy

I just love everything about this cover up and can’t wait to be drinking some frozen beverages in Maui with it.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Embroidered Tunic Orange Camelia

This was a random addition, as a young girl left the dressing room and her mom convinced her she’d never wear it. Her loss, my gain. Score!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Challis Pompom Shorts Upstream

Another random addition! As I was hoping to find some pineapple serve bowls on my walk towards the home goods, an innocent, young stock boy comes out of the back with two racks of merchandise and was swarmed by the mobs like he was Justin Bieber. I kindly asked a girl in front of me to grab these shorts in a Small for me, and instead of taking the hanger, she ferociously ripped them from the rack for me. Bless her heart. These shorts will be great with so many tops. It has just enough girlie-ness to feel fun and summery.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Shift Dress Upstream

One of the most popular items in the collection were the shift dresses. At $38, they were a steal compared to what you’d find on This was the only one I really liked, and luckily, that same stock boy from earlier brought these darlings out, as well. I could have worn a size 4 or a 6, but I opted with the 6 because a girl’s gotta eat and have room for the food baby.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Shift Dress Upstream

I have to say, my favorite thing about all my items is this little pineapple detail on the zipper of the back of the shift dress. What is with me and pineapples lately!?

I really hope Target learns their lesson with these collaborations going forward and places some limitations on quantity of same style/items people purchase. If the grocery store can limit you to a certain quantity when using coupons, why can’t they do the same? No one seriously believes someone will wear the same dress in ten different sizes. We’ll see.

What was your favorite piece from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection? Did you manage to pick it up? What sort of insanity did you experience at your Target?


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