Real Girl Beauty: Chanel Makeup Favorites

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I wanted to do a new series called “Real Girl Beauty” where I chat with my friends (or readers) who are non-beauty bloggers about their beauty routines. It could be that the girl enjoys a particular brand of makeup (like in today’s post with Chanel), or just has sworn by certain products for years! Something about getting a peek into what the every day girl is using was interesting to me, so today we’re kicking off the first Real Girl Beauty with my friend Amanda, who, for the last few years now, has always raved to me about her Chanel makeup favorites.

For added fun, I wanted the girls to take photos of their products themselves… non beauty blogger style. This means I expected that the products didn’t look pristine and many of the pics would be taken simply on an iPhone (not some fancy DSLR)… because let’s be honest. Before I take pictures of my makeup for posts with my ginormous camera, don’t think that there isn’t a plethora of Clorox wipes and rubbing alcohol involved to make sure everything looks as perfect as possible 😉 Let’s take a look at what Chanel makeup Amanda loves and why!

Real Girl Beauty | Chanel Makeup Favorites

Real Girl Beauty Favorites | Chanel Makeup Favorites
Amanda | Real Girl Beauty | Chanel Makeup FavoritesBackground on Amanda

Amanda is a sorority sister and we’ve worked together in multiple jobs since 2008 through today! After graduate school at Auburn, Amanda settled down in her home state of Florida. She’s currently a newlywed in her first year of marriage and just bought their first home. Together with her husband, they have three puppy children and love spending time on the water. Always a girlie girl since the moment I met her, Amanda loves pretty things, flamingos, pineapples and baking.

I remember the day I got a text from Amanda because she had just come home from getting a makeover at the Chanel counter. She told me I NEEDED to try this Chanel foundation. She’s stayed loyal to several of the products and shared with me a little bit about why…

I love the [Perfection Lumiere Velvet] foundation. It’s so lightweight and applies easily. The smell is light and fresh without it being overpowering. I use this product alone or with other full-face makeup looks because of its versatility – the added SPF is also a plus. The [Illusion D’Ombre] eyeshadows are really long-wear and provide a great amount of pigment. I love how they don’t fade off throughout the day.

Perfection Lumiere Velvet is her Holy Grail foundation and something she’s already repurchased. She also likes that Chanel’s eyeliners are super budge proof and uses a nude shade in her lower waterline to brighten her eyes. Amanda also says she loves Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipsticks and would definitely pick up a few more. Amanda’s known for rocking a medium pink berry color pretty often, so I’m sure she’d love shades like Ina, Legende or Mademoiselle.

BIG THANK YOU TO AMANDA FOR BEING MY FIRST “REAL GIRL”! Find her on Instagram and Facebook.

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REAL GIRL BEAUTY CHANEL MAKEUP FAVORITES - Interviewing real girls on their favorite beauty products... unedited! #BrighterDarling

Have you tried any Chanel makeup, if so, what are your recommendations? I personally have tried their Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and their Rouge Coco lipsticks and enjoyed both! I am curious to try some of the Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadows, though.

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