Quick Braces Post + Updated Schedule

Hey braces followers,

I apologize for not posting my monthly update this week. The reason for that is because nothing major has happened and I don’t really see any changes significant enough to even photograph and share with you. When I saw my ortho this month, all we did was upgrade my bottom wire to┬ámatch the top (both rectangular shaped wires… 2nd rectangular wire on both top/bottom now). Nothing was done to the top at all. Apparently, this is the last wire I should be wearing before it’s upgraded to a stainless steel wire. The stainless steel wires are the kind of wire that can support rubber bands (YAY). The current wires I’ve had are just too soft to support rubber bands. If I had rubber bands with NON-stainless steel wires, my brackets would pop off from the pressure. Continue reading for a brief update and new schedule for my braces posts…

I go to see my orthodontist again this Friday, Aug. 5. I’ll be heading into month #9! Hopefully this time, I finally get the rubber bands. Going forward, I am considering updating every two months simply because progress has seemed to slow down and I don’t want to bore you all. If anything changes, I’ll definitely post an update but for now, I plan on posting my remaining updates on the following schedule:

  • Month 9 – Aug. 22
  • Month 11 – Oct. 17
  • Month 13 – Dec. 19
  • Month 15* – Feb. 20 (*I estimate/hope I may get them off by this date)
  • Month 18 – Apr. 17 (This is the longest estimated time I should have them on)

Don’t forget, you can always search my braces posts by using the “Topics” drop down on the top menu bar.

Thanks for all of your support and emails and comments/questions! I’ve loved interacting with you all and hope to continue to do so. If you have any specific ideas for posts you’d like me to address regarding braces, definitely let me know. Will keep you posted as soon as something exciting happens. ­čÖé


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