Project Pan 2019 Kick Off (and 2018 finale) [YouTube]

I did my first EVER Project Pan in 2018 and it was a pretty good success! Project Pan is when you commit to finishing certain beauty products within a specific amount of time. It helps justify purchasing NEW products and ensures you’re not wasting items you already have in your collection. I decided to do one again in 2019 and wanted to share the line up with you all here on the blog in my Project Pan 2019 Kick Off YouTube video. You can also catch the finale of my 2018 project, too. Let’s get to it!

Project Pan 2019 Kick Off hero

project pan 2019 kick off

One of the biggest things I noticed for the items I picked in 2019 is how much MAC products I had! So random.

MAC is such a cult classic and favorite for a reason. I wish they didn’t do so many limited edition collections, because I feel it dilutes their brand and they have so many unparalleled fantastic items in their line up.

I also put a heavy focus on working on SINGLE EYESHADOW PANS. Whatever happened to those!? The beauty community used to love growing our single eyeshadows in magnetic palettes and then the world was taken over by (more expensive) palettes that make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to finish every single shade (wasteful). Anyone else back on the single eyeshadow bandwagon? I’m trying to make this a comeback.

Anyway, catch up on my 2019 kick off here:

If you didn’t get a chance to see my Project Pan 2018, here’s the three videos documenting the journey:


What are you trying to finish up in 2019? Tell me your thoughts on using single eyeshadows instead of palettes!


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