Pregnancy Safe Skincare Routine for Over 35

Pregnancy safe skincare routines are all over the internet, but my routine will be focusing on those of us over 35 who prefer sticking to more clean beauty. Pregnancy hormones can make your skin crazy, especially in those early weeks, so for many of us, managing our skin during pregnancy is really hard because we’re also limited by what ingredients we can use (or feel comfortable using). So if you want a simple routine to keep your skin balanced and keeping fine lines at bay… then this is for you!

Pregnancy Safe Skincare Routine for Over 35

As a beauty junkie, I do tend to try new products here and there, so within the post, I’ll be giving a couple options of items I’ve used over the last eight months (YES, I’m 30 days away from my due date at the time of writing this post… yay)!

For reference, before pregnancy, my skin type was normal/oil, sensitive and acne prone. It also leaned dehydrated.

During pregnancy, early on, I struggled with some hormonal breakouts along the jawline and chin because I was taking synthetic hormones for IVF still (progesterone), but once that stopped after the first trimester, my skin is now more normal to dry but still dehydrated. I also continually want to manage post acne hyperpigmentation, pore size and hold off fine lines.

Pregnancy Safe Skincare Routine for Over 35

The structure of this daily routine is as follows:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Prep
  3. Treat
  4. Hydrate + eyes
  5. (daytime) SPF

Twice a week, I’ll do some extra treatments/exfoliation, too.


For cleansing, I have been very loyal to double cleansing with actual cleansers instead of an oil or balm. As someone with acne prone skin, as much as I love the feel of a cushiony oil or balm, there’s nothing wrong with just double cleansing with your favorite foaming style cleanser. It will rinse way more clean, and leave your skin able to breathe.

The SkinCeuticals Simply Clean Gel is incredible at deep cleansing without overdrying. It seems like such a basic cleanser, but there’s something special about this formula that my skin craves when I try anything else.


Think of the prep step as your toner or product that prepares your skin to better absorb any serums or moisturizers you like to use.

I mainly use the prep step in the evening, since I know I USUALLY am wearing makeup or at least tinted SPF I want to ensure is totally removed. I’ve been a diehard for alcohol free witch hazel for years now. It’s affordable, gentle and gets the job done. The Thayers unscented or cucumber formula are my go to’s. I gently swipe all over my face, neck, ears, and behind the ears with these reusable cotton rounds.

In the past few months, I tried the new EWG verified Estee Lauder Nutritious line and I’ve loved the Essence for this collection. I’ll pat a couple drops of this product onto my face and press in after the witch hazel in the evenings. It has Niacinimide and Hylauronic Acid and does a great job at minimizing pores and reducing oil on my skin.


The BIGGIE VIP ingredient during pregnancy to target anti aging and hyperpigmentation has been a quality vitamin C.

I’ve tried them all – from the $20 formulas on Amazon, to the SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic (almost $200).

_Although I do very much enjoy the CE Ferulic from SkinCeuticals, that price just kills me and I’ll only buy it when it goes on a 15-20% off sale._

In the meantime, I’ll go back and forth with the Ole Henricksen Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum¬†.

Banana Bright is amazing because it’s 15% vitamin C to brighten and protect against free radicals, along with PHAs (polyhydroxy acids) to help loosen dead skin cells. Love this if you’re pregnant, want the benefits of vitamin C and also struggling with a little bit of breakouts or congested skin.

The second TREAT product I have been diligent with during pregnancy is a good plumping or hyaluronic acid product. For that, I went back to an oldie but a goodie – the CosRX Snail Mucin Essence (it’s a serum). Two pumps of this in the morning and evenings. When using in the morning, I’ll use it mixed with the Vitamin C for speed. CosRX snail mucin is also healing, so very wonderful for my acne prone friends!!

Hydrate + Eyes

For moisturizer, I definitely dabble in a few but there are two that have stood out to me this pregnancy as new favorites:

  • Ole Henricksen Strength Training Peptide Moisturizer – LOVE LOVE LOVE this texture. It’s like a thick gel moisturizer but deeply hydrating. I like using this at night.
  • Estee Lauder Nutritious Moisturizer – this is light and whipped and feels like a gel, also… but super lightweight. I’ve loved this during the day under makeup.

For eyes:

  • Every couple of nights or when my eye area feels particularly dry/needs plumping, I’ll use the Hourglass Plumping Eye Mask as an eye cream and leave it on overnight. SO SO AMAZING to have in your collection!! Great for tired eyes, those who travel or anyone who just needs deep yet gentle hydration to the eye area.

Every single day, I use SPF on my face.

As someone who struggles with acne hyperpigmentation (and who doesn’t want fine lines/wrinkles!), a quality SPF every day is your insurance policy to back up the other products you’re using. If you aren’t using SPF, don’t bother spending money on your other products because the sun – even a bit of it – can eradicate your other product’s efforts.

This is not a new product to my routine, but I’m a MASSIVE fan of the Colorescience SPF collection – especially their FLEX (tinted moisturizer) formula. They’re clean, oil free, mineral based and pack a punch at SPF 50. Most days during the week, this is what I use as my every day base with a little extra concealer around the eyes. I wear shade medium.

I also LOVE Colorescience’s original face SPF, too.

You’ll also find the SkinCeuticals physical tinted SPF50 in my collection, too. It’s not as much coverage as the FLEX, but just doesn’t lave a white cast. This formula is ULTRA light and watery, so I do like it when the whether is super hot or if I know I’ll be wearing more makeup than usual that day, but it’s not as “clean” as Colorescience.

Weekly Treatments

Physical and chemical exfoliation are so important in a good skincare routine – even more-so when pregnant and not able to do much else in terms of ingredients. A small amount of AHA acids are totally safe during pregnancy – but you have to do what you feel comfortable with and discuss with your doctor.

On Thursdays, I will replace my PREP step with Biologique Recherche’s Lotion P50 (without phenol/pregnancy safer version). This is also a chemical exfoliator, and I’ll swipe it over my face, neck and chest with those reusable cotton rounds.

Using these exfoliating steps helps not only with dullness and smoothness, but it helps keep my pores clean and softens fine lines.

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So that’s the Pregnancy Safe Skincare Routine for Over 35! A skin appropriate cleanser that really cleans your skin, a good plumping/hyaluronic acid, a high quality vitamin C, some gentle exfoliation and good hydration!


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