Pregnancy Files: 3rd Trimester Update [YouTube]

Hey everyone! Long time no chat. If you don’t follow me on Instagram (what are you doing with yourself?), you wouldn’t know that I had #BrighterDarlingBaby on Oct. 12, 2018 two days before her due date. WAY more to come on that… but I figured it would be perfect timing to kick the blogging thing back off with ensuring you all saw the third trimester update before she arrived!

3rd Trimester Update Brighter Darling Blog | Third Trimester Style Tips

3rd trimester update

In this video, I covered things you may have already read about here on the blog… like my baby shower and nursery tour.

But I also cover some back pain solutions, style tips for the end of the pregnancy road, weight gain, diet and fitness and how to deal with those third trimester aches.


I hope you’ll all bear with me as I continue to recover from a pretty traumatic birth story.

Rest assured, I’ll be back to a new normal (regular schedule) soon and look forward to giving you all the details of beauty products I’ve still be testing out behind the scenes and mom/baby products I’ve loved (and hated)!

Talk to you all soon. Be sure you’re following me on Instagram for more updates there.


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Third Trimester Update _ Pregnancy Style Tips _ Pregnancy Diet and Fitness _ Third Trimester Style _ Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

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