Postpartum Supplements and Healing Tools I’m Using

I sit here writing this post quickly at over 39 weeks pregnant at almost 9pm with my second baby. Usually I’m in bed by 7:30pm but I guess we can call this “nesting” blogging. I had a really rough time postpartum with my first baby physically (had an unplanned C section that resulted in a stubborn 4 month long staph infection), and as someone with autoimmune disease (Hashimotos), I  could have taken better care of my body the first time around. BUT, that’s what the second baby is for, right? Trying new things and ‘knowing better’ the second time around! So here is my list of postpartum supplements and healing tools I’m using to make my recovery hopefully a bit easier no matter what happens.

Postpartum Supplements and Healing Tools I'm Using Brighter Darling 2

Postpartum Supplements and Healing Tools I’m Using

a belly band or belly bind

To start, this is something I had done for me in my hospital with my first baby after my C section, but HIGHLY recommend belly binding of some sort.

In my hospital, they did wrap me in an elastic support band that closed up with velcro and it was so nice to feel that support especially when your organs are just flopping around for a few weeks (months).

It’s even MORE helpful if you have a C section because you have been physically sliced open and really need that help for healing – and just general support to sit up, walk around, etc.

With my first baby, I got this cheaper band from Amazon and it was nice because you can use the different pieces of the bind at different points in your recovery.

For baby #2 coming any day now in late June, I ordered this one from BellyBandit (size Medium). I like it because it’s one piece, seems to come up higher (and since I struggle with rib flare I’ll need to work on correcting postpartum, this is helpful), and says it’s very lightweight material which I’ll hopefully appreciate having a summer baby this time.

I plan on wearing a band at least the first six weeks.

staying in my bed for 5+ days

As someone with FOMO, I spent my days postpartum with my first downstairs on my sofa. Although it’s important to move around with a C section, I 100% would overdo it and paid for it by having a longer recovery.

This time, I’ve told my family that I will be staying in my bed with the baby next to me in her bassinet for a solid FIVE days once we get home.

If I end up in a C section, going up and down stairs is NOT recommended more than once a day, so just staying upstairs in my bed the first five days should give my body time to really recover better than I did the first time.

I want these days so I have a better chance at sleeping/resting and not letting myself feel pressured to tend to things going on downstairs with my older daughter.

using the Birth Recovery Center app

During pregnancy, I used Nancy Anderson‘s Move Your Bump app for pelvic floor related workouts and other prenatal exercises. I’ve been following her for years now, and as a fellow C section mama, she’s been such an inspiration for fitness, nutrition and motherhood.

She has a follow up app called Birth Recovery Center and it’s been recommended to me from former personal trainer friends for it’s amazing pelvic floor healing plan, ab rehab program, access to postpartum nutrition plans, sleep training tips, mental health tips and even lactation consultants. It’s like having a Virtual “Motherhood Village” at your fingertips.


As someone who struggles with autoimmune issues, I am no stranger to the supplement world and the importance of supporting your body with cleanly formulated, high quality vitamins and minerals.

Here’s the list of supplements I’ll be using for at least three months postpartum to help with recovery, hormones and energy:

  • (continue) Prenatal – all moms (breastfeeding or not) should continue your prenatal at least three months to help restore lost minerals during pregnancy. Even longer if you are breastfeeding (continue taking until you stop).
  • (continue) DHA – not only is this important to continue taking for breastfeeding mamas for baby’s brain, but restoring and keeping up with healthy omega/DHA numbers helps support avoiding depression and anxiety – key during that postpartum time when hormones run wild. I will take this at least three months, then switch to a non prenatal Omega supplement (which is what I took before pregnancy, also).
  • (continue) Probiotic – the gut is the secret to the health of our immune systems, so I’ll be continuing my probiotic (I’ve been using this same one for at least two years now). EVEN MORE important to be taking a very high quality probiotic if you have a C Section since you’ll be on a dose of antibiotics and will need to support your gut health. I have taken this before pregnancy and will continue postpartum.
  • (continue) Vitamin D – a must for Hashimotos, and many Americans, I am chronically low in Vitamin D. This affects anxiety/depression, as well as, your immune system’s ability to repair itself, fatigue and more. I take a HEFTY dose (just one pill per week) as per my doctor, so run bloodwork and check your levels by six weeks postpartum. I have taken this before pregnancy and will continue postpartum.
  • (continue) Liquid Collagen – I’ve been taking this for over a year and a half… mainly for the skin benefits, but it’s going to come in so key with any post partum hair loss issues I encounter! Additionally, collagen is hugely important in strengthening muscle tissue, ligaments, joints and other connective tissue. HUGELY important when your body is recovering from birth. Love this patented formula for it’s hyaluronic acid + chondroitin + collagen trio matrix. $10 off with my link. I LIVE for the SKIN formula!
  • (continue) Trace Minerals – another must for Hashimotos, I have been taking this Trace Mineral supplement for almost two years because it contains many ingredients (Iodine, Zinc, Selenium and more) that help the thyroid function better. Thyroid health = hormone health. I have taken this before pregnancy and will continue postpartum.
  • Vitamin B12/B6 – a MUST postpartum for balanced and healthy energy levels! I cannot stress this B12/B6 from Cymbiotika enough (link gets you $20 off $150+). I’ve taken this liposomal supplement in the past and not only does it taste good, but it works almost immediately with giving me a boost in energy. Not in the same way as caffeine, but in a “wow I feel good, alert and sharp,” sort of way. But again… this is a MUST postpartum to aid in supporting a healthy mood and avoid the anxiety/depression that commonly creeps in. Will take this at least three months.
  • Vitamin C – a must for postpartum healing of any kind – C section or NOT! The liposomal delivery of this Cymbiotika formula ensures you’re getting a better absorption rate of high quality, cleanly sourced ingredients (the link I shared gets you $20 off $150). Plus, we all know Vitamin C supports our immunity system and energy levels. Don’t take anything higher than 2,000mg though – it can give you an upset tummy. Will take this at least two months.

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I hope my postpartum supplements and healing tools I’m using help any new mamas on their journeys. Whether this is your first baby or your fifth, these tips should help you feel better both physically and emotionally.


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