Postpartum Haircare Products I’m Loving

At the time of writing this post, I’m about eight months postpartum with my second baby. I remember when the postpartum hair loss started with my first – it was around three months and lasted through six months. Big patches just gone all along my hairline and it really bothered me. As most new moms, we have our hair up a LOT (hormones, sweating, nursing, feeding, not sleeping or showering as often as we want)… seeing those patches of my scalp was horrifying. THEN… the lovely regrowth that sticks straight out for another eternity. The second time around, I was better prepared so here’s the postpartum haircare products I’m loving lately…

Postpartum Haircare Products I'm Loving | Vegamour Hair Product Review | Vegamour Vegan Haircare Review

If you are new here, after my 8.5 year journey with infertility and multiple rounds of IVF, my beauty preferences took a turn to the more clean and conscious, lower-tox route.

I am a believer in an 80/20 rule with it though… I reduce my exposure to toxins in my beauty products (and day to day life) where I can, keeping quality also top of mind.

Before I got pregnant, I was really loving the Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Conditioner and continued to use it. But once I actually gave birth and needed to replenish my shampoo and other styling products, I decided to give more of the Vegamour range a try…

Postpartum Haircare Products I'm Loving | Vegamour Hair Product Review

Postpartum Haircare Products I’m Loving

I’ve seen many other beauty influencers love the Vegamour Serum, but didn’t hear too much about the other products in the vegan haircare collection.

I knew Vegamour offered a hair growth and postpartum hair loss kit, but by the time I was replenishing my hair products, my main focus was on enhancing regrowth and health of my thicker, wiry and wavy hair. My hair also tends to be a bit oilier at the roots and very dry on the ends, especially postpartum.

So I decided to try the Vegamour GRO Shampoo alongside the GRO Conditioner, the Hydr8 Detangler and Hair Oil and the Deep Conditioning Mask.

I’ll go into each of them and what I think…

Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Shampoo

I love the way the GRO Revitalizing line smells! It’s a bit citrusy and fresh. What I like about this shampoo is how hydrating but clean rinsing it is… my hair never feels like straw when I use it and the lather rinses out smoothly, without feeling like my hair will be a knotty mess when styling. The GRO Collection helps with thickening the hair and reducing shedding, so it is important to let the shampoo  ‘set’ in your hair for at least a minute before rinsing.

Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Conditioner

This was totally a repurchase – I really enjoy this conditioner as my everyday favorite. The same fresh and citrusy scent as the shampoo, this conditioner also helps the health of the hair and reduce shedding. Because of those ingredients, it is important to leave the conditioner to set in the hair for three minutes. I personally wash and condition my hair first, then let the conditioner do it’s thing while I wash my body, shave, etc.

I really credit so much of the lack of hair shedding this second time around to using this shampoo and conditioner the most.

Postpartum Haircare Products I'm Loving | Vegamour GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Hydr8 leave in conditioner

The Hydr8 collection has a different scent than the GRO line… this one is more floral and powdery. I prefer the GRO scent, but that’s personal preference. The Hydr8 collection focuses on healing and repairing damaged hair. For my thicker, wiry hair, I found the detangler didn’t do a thorough enough job cutting through my post shower knots. However, it was literally like brushing through silk when I used it on my five year old daughter’s thicker hair!  The leave in conditioner is definitely a new vegan, clean beauty haircare favorite for us for her!


I always prep my hair for heat styling with an oil through the ends, and then again sometimes after drying if it looks a little puffy. The Hydr8 Weightless Oil is the most lightweight, thin hair oil I’ve ever used. As a balayaged blonde, I also prefer to use clear hair oils and avoid any with a yellow hue if possible, and this one checks the boxes. It isn’t heavy at all – so if you have thicker hair like me, you may need to use more than you’re used to… but again, I used it on my five year old after we blew out her hair one colder night and it was so shiny and bouncy.

Vegamour does say this hair oil is better for fine or thin hair, and I think that makes total sense.

Postpartum Haircare Products I'm Loving | Vegamour Hydr8 Detangler and Hair Oil Review


I’ve tried SO many deep conditioning masks over the years… and can’t find a good vegan or cleaner beauty formula I thought could compare to my conventional brand favorite… until this one. It is that same more floral/powdery scent (not my fave), but it’s very hydrating and thick. It’s infused with a vegan alternative to Keratin to help restore hair’s strength, and I do feel like my hair is stronger and more moisturized when I used this mask (1x a week). Really be generous when working this into your hair in the shower… then leave on for the full five minutes if you can! Makes a huge difference.

Postpartum Haircare Products I'm Loving | Vegamour Hydra8 Deep Conditioning Mask
Postpartum Haircare Products I'm Loving | Vegamour Hydra8 Deep Conditioning Mask Review

I’m really happy this brand existed the second time around as a new mom! The vegan and cleaner beauty options have really blown up over the last five years (since my first born) and my post partum hair loss has definitely been way easier to manage the second time around due to products like Vegamour’s… especially credit the GRO Revitalizing line.

Postpartum Haircare I’m Loving Vegamour Review Brighter Darling Clean Beauty Blog

Even as I’m coming out of the postpartum year, I don’t see myself discontinuing use of the GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s been a nice treat in my shower every day and keeps my hair fluffy, hydrated and smooth with minimal loss and no weird chemicals.

Hope this helps!




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