PLAY! by Sephora Subscription Box Review | Oct. 2015

It’s that time of the month when the second -ever- Play by Sephora (#SephoraPlay) subscription box arrives! I am one of the lucky ones in four cities in the U.S. that is currently able to partake in this $10.83/month joy. Check out last month’s review and financial analysis here. Let’s get to the Play by Sephora October 2015 review…

Play Subscription Box Review October 2015 |

This box revolves around healthy, dewy skin. It features some new-to-the-U.S. asian brands; highlighting the Korean beauty skincare craze that’s causing beauty editors to put down the phone and cancel their Botox or laser appointments. I am pretty psyched to test out this box, as I’ve never tried ANY of the products. Shocking, I know.

Like last month, I’ve broken down the financial value of the box. Keep reading if you’re interested…

#SephoraPlay Play by Sephora October 2015 Box Review |

Play by Sephora Subscription Box Unboxing Review on

// PRODUCT LIST (Sephora Customer Rating)* + FIRST IMPRESSIONS // 

*customer rating pulled as of 10/26/2015

It’s kind of a bummer that there’s only one cosmetic item (the day tint), but this box focuses on skin, so hopefully next month will be more in the color category.

Like last month, the box included an extremely handy booklet that fully explains the usage of the products, gives fun facts, some editor hacks on alternative uses to the items, as well as a pretty neat ‘regimen’ to utilize the new products in the morning and evening to maximize their efficacy in achieving the dewy skin glow. It also includes another PLAY PASS to earn 50 points for any purchase at Sephora. I really love the booklets they are including.

I would say I’m most excited to test out the konjac sponge, toner and belif moisturizer. I’m always looking for the most gentle way to exfoliate my combo/oily skin and anything that’s going to help with pores is excellent for me. The belif moisturizer has been all over the bloggersphere lately, so that should be interesting to try. I’ve been a fan of Atelier and recently finished a small bottle of one of their colognes and so far, I like the scent of the sample included, as well. Basically, I can’t wait to play.

My least intriguing items include the day tint and the sheet mask. The tint seems extremely sheer and very light so it may give me a ghostly cast and I don’t really love sheet masks. They’re just huge and slimy and I much prefer a traditional cream/clay/gel-based mask.

// Financial Breakdown //

#SephoraPLAY Box 2 October 2015 Financial Value

I thought this box was going to be a lot higher in value compared to the first box, but they’re basically the same (within 50 cents). Also, the konjac sponge is about 3/4th the size of the full-size sponge, so I guesstimated its value the closest I could measure. The monthly subscription fee is $10.83 in Houston, so like September, I got a great value and I’m happy with the samples.

November’s box will be all about Sephora store exclusives – items only able to purchase at Sephora. They’re hinting at a moroccan hair product and lipstick (I’m thinking BITE beauty). It will also be my third month of subscribing to PLAY by Sephora and then I can better assess my final thoughts on the value/perks of the box. I like to give any subscription box three months to trial a variety of the samples before making a final judgement.

#SephoraPlay Subscription Box Review for Oct. 2015

Have you received the #SephoraPlay box or tried any of the items included? What are your first impressions so far? Comment below and let me know 🙂

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