PIXI Skintreats Skincare Review: My Collection + Thoughts

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I started this blog to share my best recommendations on products and beauty tricks. Graciously, as I’ve grown to gain more loyal readers, I’ve been lucky to receive products to test for free. It definitely makes it easier for me to be able to find items that will solve beauty issues because of this key blogging perk (otherwise, you guys would get so bored with me constantly recommending the same five items over and over again). Pixi Beauty (sold at pixibeauty.com and Target) is one of the brands who consistently send me fun packages with NO expectation for me to share (or not share) in return. Thankfully, Petra (the founder) has skin care down pat and launches some stellar products. I compiled the items I currently have in one big Pixi Skintreats skincare review and give you my thoughts on what type of skin would be best suited for each product I have at this time.

PIXI Skintreats Skincare Review | Which PIXI Products Are Best | Best PIXI Skincare

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PIXI Skintreats Skincare Review: Brand Overview

Petra Strands created the PIXI brand over 10 years ago after accruing over 20 years experience as a makeup artist and product developer. As a mother of four, she likes her products to be efficient, effective, and impart a glowing, well-rested appearance to the skin.

I personally admire Petra and appreciate the PIXI brand because their brand mission is so aligned with my personal blog’s mission: simply to bring out the natural beauty in all women – to make women look like themselves, only better. (Pixibeauty.com)

My PIXI Skintreats Collection

I’m going to give you a brief description of the product and my personal recommendation on who I think would like it the most.


Glow Tonic, $6-29 (various sizes) | The most popular PIXI product, Glow Tonic is an exfoliating 5% glycolic acid aloe-infused daily toner. Sweeps away excess oil, impurities and helps refine pores/texture.

Best for: those new to chemical exfoliators; normal/combination/dry skin

Glow Tonic To-Go, $18/60 pads | The same product as listed above, but in pre-soaked textured pads. For some reason, I personally prefer these over the bottled tonic and feel that they work better at exfoliating my skin (my beauty blogging buddy Lipstick & Brunch agrees).

Best for: those new to chemical exfoliators; all skin types; those who travel frequently (presoaked pads)


Double Cleanse, $24 | A collaboration product with YouTube skin care guru, Caroline Hirons, this is a 2-in-1 makeup removing cleansing balm/cleansing cream duo. The balm breaks down into an oil and emulsifies everything, yet rinses clean and the cream cleanser softens/purifies the skin.

Best for: those who wear makeup daily; all skin types

Glow Mud Cleanser, $18 | A mud/clay-based deep pore cleanser with 5% glycolic acid to help exfoliate and brighten.

Best for: normal/combination/oily skin; congested skin; breakout-prone skin


Glow Mist, $15 | The most popular of PIXI mists, Glow Mist contains propolis (antibacterial, soothing) and argan oil to provide a dewy finish to the skin. Also, works well over makeup on normal/dry skins to get rid of the powdery look.

Best for: normal/dry skin; those who travel often and get parched

Makeup Fixing Mist, $15 | A rose-water and green tea (two soothing ingredients) to set makeup and prevent settling.

It does contain alcohol (most makeup fixing mists do), so I personally love this one on my more oily skin, as it absorbs excess oils (essentially how makeup setting mists work… they contain alcohol to absorb any emollients left on the skin and leave the pigment).

Best for: normal/oily skin; those who wear makeup daily; those who need makeup to last longer (i.e. an event, etc)

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Hydrating Milky Mist, $15 | A highly moisturizing, skin plumping mist with hyaluronic acid and Black Oat extract. This is my favorite of the three because I am a hyaluronic acid addict. It’s great over makeup to get rid of the powdery look on oily skin, yet works well as a refresher midday. Also works well under makeup as a light moisturizer.

Best for: all skin types; pre-makeup prep; post makeup finishing; mid-day refresh


Peel and Polish, $24 | A Lactic-Acid based fruit enzyme peel with salon-strength results. Fruit enzymes loosen dead skin cells and the Lactic Acid dissolves flaky skin revealing a radiant complexion. Best used 1-3x/week.

Best for: all skin types; weekly deep exfoliation

Glow Peel Pads, $22/60 pads | The strongest chemical exfoliant I’ve seen in mass retailers (especially at such an amazing price). These 20% Glycolic Acid presoaked pads are meant to be used a couple of times a week (or weekly), left on the skin for a few minutes, then rinsed off. Great at minimizes pores, preventing breakouts, and evening skin tone over time. They won a Beauty Innovator Award.

Best for: normal to oily skin; those with acne prone skin; those with fine lines (typically over the age of 30)


Overnight Glow Serum, $24 | An exfoliating gel with 10% glycolic acid meant to be left on overnight (obviously). Infused with cucumber and aloe vera extract to keep skin soothed and calm. Helps fade sun spots/hyperpigmentation and minimizes fine lines.

Best for: all skin types; those looking for an extra boost of glow; those battling hyperpigmentation; those wanting to minimize fine lines


I can’t say I’ve had one problem with any of the PIXI Skintreats. I think they all do exactly what they say they do, which is why I love the brand. If I had to pick three to definitely start with if you’re new to PIXI, I recommend the Glow Tonic To Go, Double Cleanse (if you wear makeup daily; if not, try Peel and Polish), and Hydrating Milky Mist.

PIXI Skintreats Skincare Review - Best PIXI Skin care Products - Which PIXI Products Should I Try

Have you used PIXI Skintreats? What are your favorites (or not-so-favorites) from the line?

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