November 20, 2017

Why You Need To Use A Facial Steamer | Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Panasonic. The opinions and text are all mine. Full disclaimer details here. @PanasonicBeauty #BeautySteam #ad
Is your skin looking a little dull now that the temperatures have dropped? Feel like since hitting 25/30/40/50+ your skin just lacks its old youthful glow? Well, let me let you in on a little secret to maintaining that soft, just-left-a-facial GLOW at home whenever you want… in SIX MINUTES or less. Facial steamers – like this Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer review I’m specifically talking about today – have been in my routine for over a year now and I figured it was time to give you my five favorite reasons you need to be using a facial steamer, too.

Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer Review Demo | 5 Reasons Why You Need A Facial Steamer At Home

Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer Review and Demo
five reasons you need to be using a facial steamer
  1. The Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer uses nanoparticles to provide instant hydration to the skin with water – perfect for those with dehydrated skin.
  2. For those with more combination/oily skin, using a facial steamer helps soften/open up the pores and allows masks and treatments to work their best (hence why they always use a steamer at the spa)!
  3. Softening and opening up the pores with steam ensures you’re getting a super deep clean when using the tool in conjunction with your skincare routine. Clean skin is smooth skin.
  4. It’s simply relaxing. We all deserve 3-6 minutes a few days a week to simply breathe and calm down a bit.
  5. The gentle warmth of the steamer creates a healthy flush of color to the skin. When blood rushes to the surface of the skin, it helps heal and restore your skin to its best state – BONUS points for that glowing look right before makeup.

Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer Review Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer Steam Mist

panasonic nano facial steamer review

As mentioned, I’ve been using a facial steamer for a little over a year now. I started with a very affordable version online and quickly realized that was a bad idea as it started smelling weird (even using bottled water), stopped working efficiently AND was just SO BIG to store in my bathroom.

I had seen the cute, compact Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer on Ulta’s website and couldn’t wait to give it a try.

My favorite feature of the Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer is that you can do a quick, ‘half’ session in three minutes or a full session in six minutes. So efficient!

Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer Review | Tool Parts

On days I need to look extra fabulous or my skin looks blah, I turn on the three-minute session and use the steamer right before applying makeup for an instantly smooth, nongreasy glow.

2-3x/week when I do masks, I use the facial steamer using the full six-minute setting.

It heats up very quickly. I find the steam starts in less than a minute.

I LOVE how easy the Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer is to clean. After the session is complete, unplug and wait ten minutes for it to cool down. Unscrew the water reservoir to empty any droplets remaining. Tip the steamer over the sink pressing the drainage button on the bottom to release any water left in the heater. Pat dry and replace water reservoir. Use again whenever. Takes 11 minutes (if you count the 10-minute cooldown).


overall thoughts

With the holidays fast approaching, I think the Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer is a MUST BUY to treat yourself or for your favorite person in your life.

It’s one of those anyone-could-benefit-from items that makes an excellent gift.

It’s straight up a valuable skin care tool for those of us who can’t get a professional facial every month.

You can find the Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer for $99-$129.99 on, Amazon (prime eligible!), and

Let me know if you have any questions about the Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer. If you found this post worthwhile, please share with a friend or on social media so I know it helped you out!

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Panasonic Nano Facial Steamer Review - 5 BENEFITS OF FACIAL STEAMING - At Home Facial Steamer - Best At Home Facial Steamer #BeautySteam

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Panasonic. The opinions and text are all mine.


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