Olive and June Nail Polish Review

I haven’t talked about nails and nailcare on the blog for a long time!! But it’s something I’ve been asked about lately on my Instagram and I figured may as well share an updated tip on clean nail polish and nailcare. Which brings me to my new MUST HAVE, favorite cleaner nail polishes I’ve been obsessed with – Olive and June. These polishes are hands down the most longwearing I’ve tried so I’m pumped to share my Olive and June Nail Polish Review with you today!

Olive and June Nail Polish Review | Olive and June Review | Olive and June Manicure System Review | Olive and June Discount Code

As a general background on my nail preferences….

  • I am rough on my hands, and therefore, keep my nails short… but almost ALWAYS polished.
  • I do NOT get manicures at the salon… ever. I find they overdo it on the cuticles and use too harsh chemicals which results in drier nails, drier cuticles and weaker nails. I do get pedicures at the salon, though.
  • For the last couple of years, I have done DIY-at home gel manicures with a cleaner nail polish brand (LMK if you are interested in more on that brand and the technique).
  • Gel nail polish is difficult to remove and takes a bit longer and is more expensive. So I wanted to find a traditional nail polish that I could use at home for similar results but easier to remove/change up.

Olive and June Nail Polish Review

I first saw Olive and June polishes at my local Target and honestly didn’t think much about them.

“Just another indie polish brand at Target like Ella and Mila,” which, don’t get me wrong, I like Ella and Mila polishes for a cleaner brand too… I just didn’t know what the hype was about OJ yet!

Then I was gifted a manicure set from Olive and June and my mind quickly was changed forevermore!

Olive and June Mani System Review

Olive and June was founded in 2013 by Sarah Tuttle, who has extremely high standards for nail art and the perfect manicure. It initially was a nail salon in Los Angeles, but then expanded to nail art, polishes and tools to perfect the mani at home.

The best parts about Olive and June’s polishes are straight from the website:

Olive & June nail polishes are crafted to be a long-lasting formula with a base coat inside the polish! When you add our top coat, you should get 5 – 7+ days of wear. Our formula is vegan, cruelty-free and 7-free (excludes 7 potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in nail polish including dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, TPHP or xylene).

Once I used the manicure gift set (more to come on that below), I immediately ordered six more polish shades and threw away all of my old (not ‘clean’) polishes from other brands. I even replaced some of my old staples from Essie and OPI with Olive and June colors.

Olive and June’s nail polishes are INCREDIBLY long lasting. It’s mind blowing how rough I am on my hands, raising a toddler, heavy weight training and typing on my computer a majority of the day… with NO chips in a week, and barely any wear on the tips even by day 9/10.

Olive and June Pink Sands Close Up | Olive and June Brush Tip

I highly recommend trying Olive and June and starting with one of the sets so you can really save some money on your monthly manicures… your nails (and wallet!) will thank you…. let’s chat about the set that I started with…

***BONUS… since I am obsessed with how well these polishes work, I got a discount code for you to use on ANY sets/systems to get you 20% off your order ūüôā That makes it even EASIER to switch to DIY manis at home!

STEFFANIEE20 at checkout gets you 20% off your set/system order when you shop on Olive and June.

Olive and June Manicure System

Olive and June The Mani System | Fall 2021 Edition

This is the current (Fall 2021) mani system available when you shop on Olive and June’s website.

It includes literally anything you would need to do a manicure at home and the quality of the tools is top notch. I’ve had sets like this in the past from Ulta or CVS and no… not even slightly comparable.

  • The nail clipper is so strong and sharp… such a clean cut.
  • The file is double sided and super gritty, feels sturdy in your hand.
  • The polish remover brush is nice and firm so you can remove polish mistakes easily.
  • Same with the buffer tool… it’s not wearing down in three uses like others I’ve tried…

And the cuticle serum + Dry Drops* (I added this for $8) are just SO WORTH HAVING. They truly take your mani to the next level and make it look professionally done.

You get:

  • 1¬†Straight-edge¬†NAIL CLIPPER
  • 2¬†Dual-grit¬†NAIL FILE
  • 3¬†Salon-quality¬†NAIL BUFFER
  • 4¬†Acetone-free¬†POLISH REMOVER POT
  • 5¬†Mani-perfecting¬†CLEAN UP BRUSH
  • 6¬†Navy blue¬†POPPY + POUCH
  • 7¬†Award-winning¬†CUTICLE SERUM
  • 9¬†Limited edition¬†O&J notebook & pen (*for fall 2021 only… this gift usually switches up seasonally so there’s always something extra!)

The steps for your perfect manicure will come included in your purchase, but the entire manicure I can get done before bed in about 30 minutes – especially when I use the dry drops!

$46 for this set that’ll give you UNLIMITED manis using 20% off using STEFFANIEE20. Not a bad deal if you ask me… do your nails 2X at home and you are already saving money from going to the salon for your gel polish you won’t need to do anymore…


The Shades I (Currently) Have

I started out with a dark, navy blue shimmer in my mani set called HJ.

Then I ordered an OPI Cajun Shrimp dupe because that’s my all time favorite pedicure shade, so I got LAVA.

Olive and June HJ and LAVA Shades | Olive and June Nail Polish Review

Olive and June Nail Polish Review | Olive and June Malibu Sunset Set

And then I needed to buy an entire set of go-to, pastel neutrals so I got the Malibu Sunset Set (includes permanent shades: BP Icy Blue (pictured below), TT Pastel Lavender, Pink Sands (Sunbleached Pink), BI Peachy Coral, MG Terracotta Orange).

Overall Thoughts


I think Olive and June polishes are hands down the best on the market, and this is coming from a girl who hasn’t been entirely impressed with other cleaner polishes out there (find them too sheer, not even in coats, easily chip)… and someone who really loved her OPI and Essie shades!

I’m also someone who needs a tough, long wearing polish because I don’t have time to do my nails every 3 days.

So if you have been looking for a cleaner, long lasting traditional nail polish that looks like you got them done at the salon, then you should try Olive and June ASAP. Treat yourself to a mani set with a shade you love and then come back and tell me how much you love it and what shades you’re going to be ordering next ūüėČ

TIP: YOU MUST GET THE TOPCOAT… if you don’t get a kit/set that includes the topcoat, GET IT ANYWAY. It is a game changer for the longevity and salon-worthy shine of your mani.

Don’t forget to use code STEFFANIEE20 to save 20% on your set/system order. WORTH IT!


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Olive and June Nail Polish Review Olive and June Review Olive and June Discount Code

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