11 Nordstrom Sale Fashion Essentials 2017

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If you caught my Nordstrom Sale Beauty post last week, you know I wasn’t AS PSYCHED for the clothing because I did see quite a few repeats from last year. At least it’s on amazing sale. From workout gear  to shoe staples and timeless pieces… that’s where I’d invest any cash if you’re planning on shopping the sale’s fashion section. Let’s get to my top picks for the Nordstrom sale fashion essentials…

My Nordstrom Sale Fashion Essentials

ADIDAS LEGGINGS | These leggings are on a crazy discount ($25!) and my local Nordstrom was completely sold out of them within HOURS of the first day of the sale for cardholders. I got to my store at 2:30pm and they were totally wiped out, even though I checked their stock that morning!

ADIDAS TANK | Luckily, this tank was still available at my local Nordstrom and I picked it up because, hello, $21. Adidas is making a big comeback if you haven’t noticed yet, and this top is perfect for casual days or working out. It runs large, so you may want to consider sizing down.

SPANX FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS | If you’ve never tried the SPANX jeggings or leggings, this is the time because they’re raved about for being flattering – especially the faux leather style. Faux leather leggings will work with so many outfits through the fall/winter (sweaters, tunics, dusters, etc.)

LEOPARD LOAFER | I’m obsessed with leopard footwear because I feel like it adds a subtle pop of intrigue to an otherwise basic outfit. Loafers are comfortable yet more elongating to the leg than a rounded ballet flat.

MOTO JACKET | If there’s ever a time to pick up a leather/pleather moto jacket, it’s during the #Nordstrom because they always have incredible prices. These jackets aren’t on sale often because they’re so on trend, so take advantage of this one under $65!

LEITH MIDI DRESS | I wore this dress in blush pink on my Instagram and it’s so pretty! Perfect for work or play and I love the fall color options.

ARTICLES OF SOCIETY BLACK JEANS | I’ve talked about Articles of Society jeans a few times. These jeans hold their shape and have an amazing amount of stretch to them, so you’ll never feel constricted (yet you’ll always look sucked in all the right places). Black jeans are a staple year round, but particular in fall/winter, and you can’t beat the insane $38 price!

HUNTER RAIN BOOT | I got these exact boots during the sale last year and they’re my favorite ‘investment’ piece. They’re $119, but these boots are going to last me the rest of my life. They’re the most sturdy rain boots ever and I love the shorter boot height for my body (5’3″). These will keep your feet warm and dry through the cold rain and/or snow.

LUSH ROLL TOP | I have this top in a longer tunic version, but this one happens to be on sale for $27. These tops are a staple for work or play. They pair great with work slacks or jeans and Nordstrom always has a ton of colors (tip: both this style and the tunic go on sale often if you end up loving it and want more colors later).

ZELLA CROP LEGGINGS | If there’s nothing you order from this list, let it be THESE workout leggings! I first tried Zella last year after hearing one of my favorite YouTubers, Alexandrea Garza, rave about them. They’re just as good (if not better) than Lululemon and I think they’re way more flattering. The high waistband is key and I love the mesh cutout on the calf.

PJ SET | As a bonus, PJs are something we rarely think about, right? Throw on an old t-shirt and call it a day. Except no. I’ve been transitioning my old sorority shirts over to ACTUAL PJs and it’s so much nicer, plus you feel *cleaner* (does that make sense? real PJs instead of old, ratty sorority t-shirts… just me?)

Have you shopped the sale? What did you pick up or planning on picking up? Let me know because as of now, these are literally my only hot items from what I’ve seen. Keep me posted!

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Nordstrom Sale Fashion Essentials #NSale 2017 | 10 Must Haves From the #NSale Fashion Section

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