September 22, 2017

New Beauty Products I’m Currently Testing II…

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Nobody warned me how overwhelming this beauty blogging thing could get! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE playing with products and sharing the details of which were standouts but it certainly gets messy on my makeup and bathroom counters. In today’s post, I’m happy to report we have MOSTLY drugstore beauty products. Interested in hearing my initial thoughts on some new beauty products I’m currently testing from Maybelline, NYX, Soap and Glory, Paula’s Choice, and Estee Lauder… then just keep reading.

new beauty products i'm currently testing | Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh, NYX Epic Ink Liner, Maybelline Master Precise Eye Liner, Paula's Choice Smoothing Primer, Paula's Choice Shine Stopper, Maybelline City Mini Palette Urban Jungle

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new beauty products i’m currently testing
Maybelline Fit Me Powder

This Maybelline Fit Me powder was purchased in a state of emergency (slight exaggeration). I was on my way to a beauty event in NYC a couple of weeks ago, when I pulled out my go-to HG pressed powder by Clinique to find the entire pan had crumbled to smithereens. Before it got worse or spilled all over my black outfit, I stopped by my local Rite Aid and bought this Maybelline powder because I remembered my mother-in-law using and loving it (and she has very dry skin). It comes with a sponge applicator and provides a bit of coverage. So far, I’m more than pleasantly surprised!

new beauty products i'm currently testing from Maybelline, NYX, Paula's Choice, Soap and Glory and Estee Lauder

I know I can’t be the only one who has a slight level of subconscious *DISCONTINUED* panic when they love a certain product but know it’s not massively raved about. This is how I feel about my beloved Physician’s Formula Eye Booster Liquid Liner in Ultra Black. I am counting the days until someone at the company decides to discontinue this amazing product and will send me into a deep depression. To be proactive, I picked up the next two liners to see if they do the trick.

Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eye Liner

Although I DO prefer a formula that’s more water-resistant and has a fine tip brush applicator (a la Kat Von D “Trooper” and the Physician’s Formula ones), this soft felt tip on the master precise liner gets the job done in an ultra black, matte formula.

NYX Epic Ink Eye Liner

This NYX Epic Ink Liner IS water-resistant and has the fine brush tip, however, when I applied it on my hand in a past Snapchat, you may remember it bled really badly compared to the Maybelline formula. Thankfully, this DOES NOT happen when applied to my eyelids. I’m assuming it’s because eyelids are not really porous, but I do worry bleeding may happen if you have more creased/crepey skin on your lids. It is an extremely inky black and certainly water-resistant.


Maybelline City Mini Palette – Urban Jungle

I’ve bashed Maybelline shadows in the past, but was hearing a lot of positive buzz about their new City Mini Palettes. I decided to try Urban Jungle because it reminded me a lot of the Marc Jacobs palette in Edgitorial… but for 1/4th the price. Although the gold in the palette is terrible (only looks good if applied wet), the overall look I created with it (coming soon!) is pretty awesome. Definitely a step up for Maybelline eyeshadows.

new beauty currently testing | maybelline city mini palette urban jungle compared to marc jacobs eye conic palette in edgitorial

Maybelline City Mini Palette Urban Jungle Swatches In Daylight
Soap + Glory The Mighty Contourer*

The Soap + Glory team was kind enough to gift me a few of their summer launches available at Ulta and Walgreens, which was very exciting because I’m IN LOVE with the scent of their Righteous Body Butter, Lotion and Body Wash(es). That scent is intoxicating in the most amazing way! However, I had never tried their makeup products. The Mighty Contourer palettes are a convenient, all matte contour-highlight-blush compact in two shades, Fair’s Fair and Happy Medium. Although the contour shade seems identical in both palettes (and is the PERFECT shade of neutral/cool undertone), the highlight shades are off. The highlights in both palettes are extremely light, but what really caught me off guard is that Fair’s Fair is a yellow-toned highlight, and Happy Medium leans white/cool toned. I would have thought the opposite. Same goes for the blush shades – Fair’s Fair has more of a coral blush, and Happy Medium is more blue-Barbie pink.

I prefer Fair’s Fair, but I really wish the highlight was shimmery if it’s going to be as light as it is.

new beauty products i'm currently testing | Soap and Glory The Mighty Contourer in Fairs Fair and Happy Medium

Soap + Glory Highlight and Sculpt Sticks*

I have not had a chance to play with these yet (Ice Shimmer; Pink Pop & Pearl; Sundaze), but I do love the shades when swatched. They pack enough pigment and have decent staying power. The one thing to note is the contour (or bronze) stick is shimmery, so it’s more of a bronzer rather than contour. More to come on this product…

Soap and Glory Sculpt and Highlight Sticks | new beauty products i'm currently testing

Paula’s Choice Smoothing Primer SPF30*

A new release from the always-solid Paula’s Choice, their smoothing primer multi-tasks targeting fine lines and contains sunscreen to protect against sun damage and early signs of aging. This is a silicone-based primer, so it will work best with other silicone-based foundations. I’m still a non-believer in primers, but I’m hoping this one can be my convert. So far, I haven’t noticed any magical differences when using but it’s nice to have the extra sunscreen protection.


Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper*

On the flip side, the Paula’s Choice Shine Stopper is awesome! The trick with this product is to use a very small amount and PRESS/pat into the skin where you get oily… do not rub/smooth. I noticed how well it worked last night at an event where I was sweating and felt like my face was melting off, to then look in the mirror and notice I didn’t need to blot at all and everything still looked intact. Thumbs up for this so far!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Foundation

If you don’t know, I work as a freelance makeup artist for Estee Lauder and during our seasonal training, the brand does provide us with a few key new launches to try ourselves. Their new Double Wear Nude Water Fresh foundation was one of them. As a huge fan of traditional Double Wear, I was SO excited to try this new water-light, light/medium coverage, natural-skin finish formula. It’s great! I know it’s getting some mixed reviews online, but personally, I DO feel traditional Double Wear can be a bit heavy when worn daily. The Nude Water Fresh provides buildable coverage and looks a lot more natural. Highly suggest getting a free 10-day sample at any Estee Counter.

Have you been trying out any new beauty products lately? Let me know in the comments or share this post with a friend if you think they’d find it helpful.

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