NARS vs. Maybelline vs. NYX | Concealer Comparison

Let’s play a game where you match the swatch with the brand of concealer in the photo above. I’ll reveal the answers at the end of this post after showing and explaining daily photos of how these contestants performed being used exactly the same way. Here are the swatches:

Concealer Showdown | Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer NYX HD Concealer

Concealer Game | Brighter Darling | NARS NYX Maybelline

I wore exactly the same makeup every day, with the exception of the eyeshadow on my lid (I was either wearing MAC Woodwinked or Urban Decay Bordello on alternating days). The concealer was used under the eyes. None of the photos have been retouched and were all taken with flash because it was dark outside. Notice any differences?

// Day 1 //

Contestant Day 1 | Brighter Darling

Contestant Day 1 v2 | Brighter Darling// Day 2 //

Contestant Day 2 | Brighter DarlingContestant 2 v2 | Brighter Darling// Day 3 //

Contestant Day 3 | Brighter DarlingContestant Day 3 v2 | Brighter Darling// Day 4 //

Contestant Day 4 | Brighter DarlingContestant Day 4 v2 | Brighter DarlingReady for the answers and my feedback on each concealer? Look below!

Day 1: 3; Day 2: 4; Day 3: 2; Day 4: 1

Concealer Game | Brighter Darling | NARS NYX Maybelline

Concealer Game Reveal | Brighter Darling

They all came out pretty much the same, right? NARS $29 concealer looks almost identical to the other three $5-8 concealers. There are some slight nuances, however. I’ll go day by day:

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer // $29 This formula applies the nicest in regards to creaminess. It has the most noticeable ‘real life’ brightening effect, but once it’s set with powder and all of my other makeup was on, I couldn’t tell a difference.

NYX HD Concealer // $4.99 I’ve been a fan of this product for awhile, except the doe-foot applicator is extremely cheap. It has seemed to lose its little fuzzies and basically applies to my face with just the plastic wand (I am careful not to poke my eyeballs out when using this). Also, the cap’s black covering broke off and now I just have a weird white plastic cap. I guess that’s why it’s the cheapest! It has a very similar texture to the NARS formula.


Maybelline Master Conceal // $7.94 I sang the praises of this concealer here, and this formula most closely resembled the look and feel of the NARS in regards to brightness and coverage abilities, but it does dry down quick and isn’t as forgiving on dry skin… at least under the eyes.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser // $7.94 This is a great every day concealer for those of you with moderate under eye circles. It’s great for all ages and can work on blemishes or skin discolorations nicely. It’s a sheer, gel-like (almost seems like a serum)  texture and sits on the skin very nicely – doesn’t dry out skin or get too greasy. It really doesn’t compare to any of the above options, but I know it’s a favorite among many. I use it for quick makeup days but if I need more coverage, I go for any of the others listed above.

The takeaway? The photos prove that they all look extremely similar to me when all is said and done. So maybe choose to save $20, pick up one of the drugstore options and also get a new lipstick! Those red/orange lips seen on the beautiful Margot Robbie at the Oscars last night are totes up my alley.


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