My Thoughts On Natural Deodorants and My Favorite Natural Deodorant

I can’t say exactly for sure, but around the time I started IVF, I switched to using natural deodorants because of the health concerns regarding heavy metals (like aluminum used in traditional deodorants), parabens (which can act like estrogen) and phthalates (hormone disruptors). They certainly are not all created equal and there’s a lot of trial and error with these products. Today, I’m sharing my thoughts on natural deodorant and my favorite natural deodorant, PLUS why it’s important to be aware of what deodorants you’re choosing.

My Thoughts On Natural Deodorants and My Favorite Natural Deodorant hero

To be honest, I don’t know the exact science and research behind the facts regarding health impacts of using traditional deodorants.

But I can speak to the fact that it doesn’t sit well with me putting known harmful ingredients on my pits… so close to major lymphatic systems located under the arms. I *do* know that something like over 60% of the ingredients applied to your skin get absorbed into your bloodstream.

According to,

Phthalates are commonly used to hold color and reduce brittleness in nail polish and hair spray. They’re also a component of many personal care and cleaning product fragrances. Phthalates are a hormone disruptor. Phthalates don’t act exactly like estrogen, but they can disrupt the balance of other hormones that interact with estrogen, including testosterone.

As someone who has major hormone imbalances, this was one of the reasons/ingredients that was enough for me to say it was time to ditch the traditional deodorants. NOT worth it.

When you spend over $40,000 to have a baby and put yourself through dozens of procedures, tests, ingest thousands of supplements… making a $10 switch is a drop in the bucket.

A note about fragrance…. in ALL personal care products (I took this from but it is scientifically factual:

One of the. most. toxic. ingredients you’ll find on any product label (even many “natural” deodorant labels!) is fragrance.

Fragrance is an ingredient that can be easily overlooked because it’s actually a word we can pronounce – and we think we know what it means. However, this common ingredient in conventional deodorants is such an elusive word because it can mean a thousand different things.

These synthetic scents can contain any combination of 3,000+ chemical ingredients (yes, you read that correctly: 3,000) and are linked to numerous health issues including hormone disruption, respiratory problems, allergies, skin sensitivities, kidney damage, birth defects and other diseases.

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natural deodorants i’ve tried

My initial natural deodorant I tried was Schmidts from Whole Foods. Overall, I liked it. It seemed to work just fine.

Something you’ll learn is the biggest fundamental difference with natural deodorant vs traditional is the fact that natural deodorants are NOT ANTIPERSPIRANTS. Deodorants are products that camouflage/neutralize body odor, antiperspirants completely stop the body from perspiring/sweating.

That is another weird reason I kicked the traditional deodorants. If my body is trying to sweat out excess water/toxins from the system… who am I to apply a product that says, “NO, STAY INSIDE! KEEP ALL THE TOXINS IN!”

With using Schmidts, I had to learn that sweating was not the problem. It’s the ingredients used to neutralize the scent associated with moisture-to-skin contact. Some people try natural deodorants and freak out because they’re sweating and they think that’s bad.

Sweating is healthy. Smelling is the not so fun part.

My issue with Schmidts was that the product would build up/cake up on the top of the stick and get a bit messy.

I also would get strange cyst/nodule-like things under the skin after a few weeks’ of use. It was annoying. They’d go away after a few days, but it was weird.

Then I tried Crystal Deodorant on a whim because I was going to a summer BBQ and totally forgot to apply deo that day. Knowing I’d be outside in the hot sun, I need to pick something up on the go and got Crystal at a local CVS. This one SUCKED. OMG I definitely sweat and I definitely smelled using this one. No bueno.

I had several friends message me that I needed to try Native. At the time, Native was still only available online. So I ordered the Coconut stick and tried it a few days later. I REALLY enjoyed Native! It reminded me a lot of Schmidts, but without the product build up at the top of the stick.

At this point, I learned that the common ingredient that seemed to really work for my body was Sodium Bicarbonate (essentially, baking soda). If there was Sodium Bicarbonate in the ingredient list, it seemed to really help me not smell bad.

When I repurchased Native at my local Target, I learned that the ingredients in the Target formula were different than the ingredients from the sticks purchased on REALLY ANNOYING because the formula from Target was not working as well. Not sure what it was…

But I eventually got those weird cysts/nodules from Native, also (both versions – Target and

I also tried Nubian Heritage deodorant (because I’m a huge fan of their body wash and body lotion), and TOMS (both the white and green sticks). I didn’t like any of these. They all made me smell.

I was getting to the point that I thought maybe I just had to deal with the weird cyst/nodules I’d get under the skin until a Beautycounter friend told me about Primally Pure deodorant.

my favorite natural deodorant

Primally Pure is a female-founded and owned small business by farmer’s wife Bethany McDaniel based in California. Bethany is as equally interested in what goes on her food plate as what goes ON her body.

Primally Pure products aren’t just deodorant – although those are definitely her best sellers – they also have skin care, baby care and body care.

When my Beautycounter pal raved to me about Primally Pure‘s deodorant and dry shampoo, I basically immediately ordered a stick of her favorite charcoal deodorant and dry shampoo. They did NOT disappoint.


The deodorant formula includes my fav Baking Soda, is fragrance/phthalate free and doesn’t get that weird build up on top of the stick! MOST importantly though, I have been using this deodorant for at least two months now and NO WEIRD BUMPS!

Something interesting to note from Primally Pure compared to many natural deodorants I mentioned here:

Natural Deodorant Comparison Chart
c/o primally pure

So anyway, Primally Pure has been my fave natural deodorant and the one I’m recommending to all of my loved ones! I’ve been super happy with it and hope you give it a try, too.

Since I’ve loved it so much, if you’re interested in trying it and want to save a few bucks, I have a discount code when you use code BRIGHTERDARLING at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase!


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