My Favorite Everything Shower Essentials

What is an Everything Shower, you ask? Well, if you aren’t all over social media scrolling mindlessly at all hours of the day and night with an infant like me… you probably have no idea. So I’ll help you out. The Everything Shower is the shower you take where you do EVERYTHING: thorough double hair wash, hair mask, exfoliate from head to toe, shave, slather yourself in the best body moisturizers and/or self tan… and then do the best blowout you’re capable of. So what are my favorite Everything Shower essentials as a more clean/conscious beauty gal?

My Favorite Everything Shower Essentials | BRIGHTER DARLING

The Everything Shower is different from the usual shower… in which you may skip washing your hair, don’t need to shave, may not use self tanner/need it or don’t plan on styling your hair.

But when you do an Everything Shower, you sort of feel reborn! It’s like peeling a layer of deadness off of your body and is perfect for a weekend activity.

My Favorite Everything Shower Essentials for squeaky clean, glowing skin | Brighter Darling Blog

thorough double hair wash

When I do my Everything Shower, I make sure to really get a good suds in my hair. My longtime favorite lately has been the K18 Peptide Prep shampoo as it never overly strips my hair but leaves it bouncy and clean. I’ll shampoo twice then follow up with my old Holy Grail Moroccanoil Repair Mask (orange lid).

exfoliate and double cleanse the body

Many of us have heard of double shampooing… even double cleansing for the face and makeup… but have you ever considered double cleansing your body!? I heard it from a TikToker I follow and it made total sense! Why don’t we consider an occasional double cleanse of our bodies!? My body cocktail of choice is the Dove Beauty Bar in Sensitive first, then follow up with Oliveda Body Gel in Cinnamon Ginger.  If I’m trying to buff off old self tanner or do not want a layer of moisture left behind, I prefer the Dr. Teals Salt Scrub. It doesn’t leave moisture behind but really buffs off dead skin well.

Dr Teal's Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Restore and Replenish

all over shave

It’s been almost a year I think… since I switched to Athena Club razors and shave gel. It’s just so easy to remember to switch out a fresh razor when it arrives at your doorstep every month or so! And I love the shave gel. It’s so fluffy and soft and really helps prevent razor burn or nicks. It’s also at Target now, so that’s very convenient.

post shower moisture and self tan

After everything is squeaky clean and smooth, I’ll immediately hydrate with a body serum and oil while the skin is still damp (it absorbs super fast that way). Oliveda’s Body Serum is incredible at holding moisture in the skin for 24+ hrs as well as firming, and then I top it off with the Lavendar Vanilla body oil. IF I’m self tanning, I will only do the body serum then go in with my Beauty By Earth mousse if I have time to sleep in this… if not, I admit to using the (not as clean, but still amazing) Loving Tan 2 Hr Express in Dark (it’s not the cleanest, but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do sometimes to get it done fast).

Oliveda Body Serum and Lavendar Vanilla Body Oil

post shower hair care

I can do an entire post on my blowout methods of choice, but the gist of it is the Kerastase Hair Oil and the Olaplex Bond Smoother through the ends. Finish off with a round brush blow dry using my Dyson dryer and style the ends with my Dyson Airwrap attachment hack from Amazon.


That’s the routine! Do you do Everything Showers or plan to now? Let me know what your faves are for the full shebang.



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