My Favorite Beauty YouTubers 2017

Happy Monday, everyone! Today’s post was written with inspiration from my fellow beauty blogging buddy, Kate Loves Makeup. She did a ‘favorite YouTube videos’ of 2017, but there’s no possible way for me to go through all of the videos I watched in 2017 and narrow it down. So many gems! So I narrowed it down to my 10 favorite beauty YouTubers of 2017 and sharing one of my favorite videos they created.

FAVORITE BEAUTY YOUTUBERS 2017 | Brighter Darling Blog

favorite beauty youtubers 2017

Just to know, these are in no particular order and I don’t discriminate against the number of subscribers.

In fact, I’m kind of leaning away from the huge YouTubers when it comes to taking recommendations as seriously. I have been watching my bigger YouTubers mainly as entertainment lately.

I’m sticking to small to medium-sized accounts for accurate descriptions, tutorials and reviews of products.

The biggest reason is that even as a smaller influencer, I get sent some PR products and it can be very hard to adequately test out products and give a reasonable review. Many times, I turn down PR inquiries because I just don’t have the time and the skin surface (LOL) to test products as rapidly as they’re being released.

These huge YouTubers/bloggers cannot possibly be testing everything out in a timely matter. Either they’re having to throw things out/give things away/forget about it or try once and be expected to review. I don’t begrudge them for this. I understand the struggle. But because of that, they’re probably putting their attention on the biggest brands that give them the biggest bang for their buck (in compensation).

I get it. We all have bills to pay. But the smaller influencers have a bit more time to try things out and we tend to try smaller, newer brands more often – so we can find some unknown gems! We also don’t have as much to lose and we aren’t exposed to as much hate from the trolls out there, so we keep things a bit more ‘real.’ No insane lighting setups, no expensive multiple camera angles/lenses. Just raw reviews/applications.

What are your thoughts on YouTube lately? Let me know. In the meantime, enjoy these accounts and their videos!

thrift thick

Cassie does wonderful foundation/skin makeup reviews and as someone who struggles with not-great skin, I love her unfiltered, genuine personality.

little blushing birdie

Lauren is an IN REAL LIFE blogger friend of mine. She lives in Connecticut and I value her authenticity. I’ve tried so many things because of her recommendation – one of which is/was Stitch Fix and now, Boxycharm.

jackie aina (ok this is an exception to the ‘big account’ rule)

If you HAVEN’T watched Jackie Aina’s videos yet, you’re in for a treat. She is seriously HYSTERICAL and definitely had a big year in 2017 for herself. She’s been YouTubing for 8+ years and just hit 1 MILLION subscribers. Totally OVERDUE, in my opinion. She keeps it real and always makes me laugh.

Another hysterical one from her is her latest Fashion Nova lookbook. I was peeing laughing. So so good.

kim nuzzolo

Another IN REAL LIFE blogging friend, Kim kills it on YouTube with her consistency! I have been obsessed with her almost-weekly TJ MAXX/Budget Beauty shopping videos where she goes and finds high-end names at discount retailers. Such a sweet girl and I trust her recommendations for oily/acne prone skin, too.

alex and michael (vlog)

I have been watching Alex Garza’s beauty/lifestyle channel for years, but this year, I finally subscribed to her and her husband’s vlog channel. I love her entire style – from beauty to fashion and home decor, so it’s been so nice to get to know her a bit more personally through the vlogs. So excited to watch her pregnancy journey, as well!

jen luvs reviews

Jen is an account that is my source of beauty influencer/beauty industry news. She’s big on reporting-style videos and another one I’ve met IN REAL LIFE. She’s down to earth, honest and real. Her Sunday makeup news videos keep me well-informed.

primp and prime beauty

Melissa is another IN REAL LIFE beauty blogging friend who is so much like me – we can’t BS. We keep it super real and no nonsense. Melissa is great at finding drugstore beauty products that work and is another oily skin girl.

samantha march

I started watching Samantha on IG over a year ago because she was the Queen of IG makeup videos. I didn’t realize she had a YT channel until this year and basically, binge-watched her for hours one weekend.

raw beauty kristi

Like Jackie, I think Kristi is going to have a HUGE year in 2018. It’s time for her. She’s amazingly talented and another one who always makes me laugh so hard. If this video didn’t inspire you to laugh (and subscribe to her), then you have to see this stunning look she created for NYE/her birthday. I died.


Probably one of the YouTubers to inspire me to start my channel (FINALLY), Taylor is the Queen of Foundation Reviews. She’s struggled with severe cystic acne until very recently (she’s currently on Accutane), but if a foundation doesn’t work on her, it probably doesn’t work on me.


Alright, I hope that inspired you to find some new beauty channels to watch in 2018 and while you’re at it, give my channel a little love if you are a YouTube subscriber like myself. I appreciate it and thanks to Kate Loves Makeup for inspiring me to share this post!

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