My 5 Favorite Beautycounter Skin Care Products

Considering everything that is going on right now in our world to stay safe and that my family’s biggest income right now is my blog affiliate commission and Beautycounter sales (and that Beautycounter is currently running a 10% off SITEWIDE sale), I figured what better time than now to share my 5 favorite Beautycounter skin care products! May as well help get safer products into the hands of everyone while we’re cooped up.My 5 Favorite Beautycounter Skin Care Products | Brighter Darling

5 favorite beautycounter skin care products

Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel

The Overnight Resurfacing Peel is what that truly started my love affair with clean beauty. This ultra effective, ultra gentle chemical exfoliating serum is the gateway drug into Beautycounter land. It’s good for ALL skin types and does an incredible job at reducing fine lines/wrinkles, helping fade acne scars/hyperpigmentation, smoothing uneven texture and increasing radiance. With a blend of 15 proprietary acids and soothing ingredients, you will notice an IMMEDIATE improvement after the first use… with continued results every time thereafter.

I like to use this twice a week. All you do is wash your face at night, apply 1-2 pumps all over your face and neck… wait 3-5 min. then apply moisturizer and go to sleep. It can be safely used up to every other day. I swear, this product has allowed me to feel comfortable leaving my house without makeup for the first time since I was probably 14.

My 5 Favorite Beautycounter Skin Care Products | Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel Review Brighter Darling Blog

Counter+ Charcoal Mask

Hand-In-Hand with the Overnight Resurfacing Peel is another immediately-effective product. The Charcoal Mask is another one good for everyone! You apply it to your clean skin, wait 10 minutes, then rinse. It detoxifies pores (removes any extra gunk/build up), clears and prevents breakouts and exfoliates with gentle acids.

I use this twice a week, and especially love using it as a spot treatment overnight for pesky/stubborn blemishes.


Countercontrol Clear Pore Cleanser

I loved the Clear Pore Cleanser from the first use! It’s a deep cleaning, gel foaming cleanser… elevated with safe, jojoba esters to buff away dead skin cells along with a fresh wintergreen scent. This cleanser is my go-to at night after I’ve removed makeup and the feedback I’ve gotten from all of my clients (no matter the skin type) is that they LOVE this face wash. In fact, many have purchased a second to have at their sink and in their shower.

This is a MUST for those who wear makeup daily… or just like feeling clean without overly dry.

My 5 Favorite Beautycounter Skin Care Products | Beautycounter Countercontrol Acne Fighting Clean Skin Care Routine | Brighter Darling

Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion

The Adaptive Moisture Lotion didn’t immediately blow me away… it took a few weeks of courting. But then after a few weeks of use, I started to see a true improvement in the tone and overall health of my skin using this moisturizer at night. I attribute that to the bio-mimic technology, which was created to not just hydrate the skin, but to actually improve the skin cell’s barrier function.

It also is great at not over- or under-moisturizing the skin. The technology involved in this product adapts (‘adaptive’ moisture) to your unique skin’s needs… which is why I think it took a few weeks to really see a notable improvement in my skin. Now, I can’t be without it as my night cream.

My 5 Favorite Beautycounter Skin Care Products | Beautycounter Countermatch Regimen | Age Prevention Clean Beauty Normal Sensitive Skin Care | Brighter Darling

Countertime Eye Renewal Cream

This is a WOW product! Eye creams sometimes get a bad wrap that they aren’t ‘effective’ or needed. I started using an eye cream when was 25 and I believe that they *ARE* effective and needed. The skin around the eye is not the same as the skin on the rest of the face. It’s thinner (similar to your lips), with no hair follicles.

The things I love about the Countertime Eye Renewal Cream is that is contains Beautycounter’s ‘Retinatural’ complex – our plant-based alternative to retinol that is pregnancy and breastfeeding safe, while also being non-irritating yet just as effective as my former beloved, retinol. What’s also SUPER amazing for my under eyes is that this eye cream targets SUNKEN dark circles.

So often, an eye cream advertises ‘puffy dark circles.’ I don’t tend to have that issue. My under eyes are typically sunken and dark. This eye cream has transformed my eye area – more than any other I’ve used in nine years from any brand. It’s Holy Grail status for me.

My 5 Favorite Beautycounter Skin Care Products | Beautycounter Countertime Regimen Anti Aging Skin Care with Bakuchiol Retinatural Complex | Brighter Darling

Alright everyone! I definitely don’t want to blow up your inboxes with Beautycounter, so later this week, I want to throw in some non-Beautycounter, clean beauty products, too…

But if Beautycounter is something you’re interested in, I’ll also being doing my top 5 favorite Beautycounter makeup products post, soon, as well. <3

If you do choose to shop the Beautycounter 10% off sale through 3/31/20, I’d really appreciate your support shopping with me (Steffanie Entralgo) at checkout. It doesn’t cost you any more or less. You’re helping support my family through this time.

Have questions about Beautycounter products or not sure where to start? They have a handy-dandy skin care quiz you can do which will help point you in the right direction quickly.

Hope this was helpful if some of you are new to Beautycounter and have been curious… or already love what you’ve tried and wanted to take advantage of the sale to try some other items. 🙂


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