March 29, 2020

My 5 Favorite Beautycounter Makeup Products

As promised a few days ago in the skincare post, I said I’d share my 5 favorite Beautycounter makeup products. It’s been really fun exploring the clean beauty world for me. As a beauty enthusiast, I kind of tried it all. But this ‘whole new world’ of products has made the process fresh again. Without tons of reviews and thousands of YouTube videos on certain brands/products, I get to form my own opinions about these products – unbiased. Let’s get to my faves so far!

My 5 Favorite Beautycounter Makeup Products | Brighter Darling Blog

What makes Beautycounter‘s products truly special is how thorough they are at testing throughout production to ensure safety.

Clean beauty doesn’t just end at using clean ingredients. When you heat/cool any chemical (safe or not), it can change its composition. When you place a chemical to another source, it could change its composition.

So Beautycounter has a 5 point testing process:

  1. At sourcing the raw materials
  2. During production in batch testing the formula
  3. When placed in the product containers
  4. The product containers themselves…
  5. During shipment (do the products hold up when shipped to very hot or cold climates? how about within the packaging used?)

Additionally, the colorants Beautycounter uses to create cosmetics is bar none.

This is one area the United States has the E.U. beat in terms of safety. However, Beautycounter takes it up a notch. In the E.U., companies are allowed to use 153 colorants in their cosmetics. In the US, we are allowed to use 56… but Beautycounter only uses 18.

Pretty awesome, huh? This is the type of research and development that goes behind the products produced and why they take ‘clean’ so seriously.

Let’s just get to the fun part though! MY favorites!

5 favorite beautycounter makeup products


Tint Skin Foundation

The Tint Skin Foundation was one of the first three products I ever purchased – before I was even a consultant! You guys know I loveeee foundations and this one quickly became a go-to of mine. A lot of ‘clean’ foundations are just ‘dirt + oil.’ AKA… they have a pretty oily base with added minerals for pigment.

That may work for some, but I have more normal/oily skin with acne scarring… so I need something to hold up but also cover.

Tint Skin does NOT feel like dirt + oil… it feels like a normal liquid foundation! This foundation is NOT full coverage (more light-medium buildable), but it covers well enough for me, and lasts REALLY well all day long.

What I love the most is how layer-able it is. If you needed more coverage on a certain area, it builds up seamlessly – never looking thick/cakey (which is really hard for any foundation to do that I’ve tried).

Extra bonus points for being in a convenient squeeze tube. I wear shade Sand in the winter, Honey in the summer.

If you want to see it in action, I have a full review/YouTube video here.

beautycounter tint skin foundation review on combination skin | tint skin shade honey

Sheer Lipstick

I cannot rave enough about these super creamy, ultra smooth, Sheer Lipsticks! You cannot go wrong with any shade and the formula is so soft and comfortable to wear.

They’re great to use every day, with minimal precision, but I love the glossy shine they impart even for a special occasion!

If you’re like me and prefer more neutral/nude shades… look at Petal (peachy pink), Terra (nude peachy beige), Twig (pale nude beige) or Lily (shimmery light rose pink).

Beautycounter Sheer Lipstick Swatches Petal, Lily, Twig | 5 Favorite Beautycounter Makeup Products

L to R: Petal, Lily, Twig

Brilliant Brow Gel

If you’re new to my blog, you may not know I’m in love with Benefit Brow Products. And my preferred brow cocktail is a good brow gel, followed by defining with a brow pencil.

The Beautycounter Brilliant Brow Gel (I like to use Light) gives a tint of color and hold to the brows… making brow pencil optional for some… but what I love about it is how well it keeps the brows in place all day long.

Think of it as Glossier Boy Brow meets Benefit Gimme Brow! …but the clean version 🙂

5 Favorite Beautycounter Makeup Products | Velvet Eyeshadow Palette Classic | Brighter Darling

Velvet Eyeshadow

I have all the Velvet Eyeshadow Palettes now (are you even surprised?), but I’ll give it to my first favorite and first purchase.. the OG Classic Palette filled with sunset, warm brown neutrals!

You know I’m an eye makeup junkie if you read this blog… and the eyeshadows do NOT disappoint! To me, they have the texture/buildability of MAC shadows (an artistry staple), but are still as blendable and buttery as Anastasia Beverly Hills… with a built in primer to last forever on the eyelids. Plus, every palette has a fun pop of sparkle to take your look from daytime to date night instantly!

Soft Glam Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Look Using Beautycounter Velvet Eyeshadow Palette in Classic

using the classic palette, Lily Sheer Lipstick

Satin Powder Blush

All of Beautycounter satin powder blushes are INSANELY pigmented… a little goes such a long way, which I was NOT expecting when I first ordered Nectar (a better NARS Orgasm dupe).

What I have heard from clients over and over again is how long these last. Blush definitely can be one of the first products to fade off the face (that’s why makeup artists will load you up for special events!), but Beautycounter blushes will not budge.

So you’re getting a huge bang for your buck – longwear with high pigment. PERFECTION. My favorites are Nectar and Melon… with Sorbet as a close 3rd!

Beautycounter Satin Powder Blushes NYC Store | 5 Favorite Beautycounter Makeup Products

TOP – Date, Passionfruit, Raspberry; MIDDLE – Nectar, Sorbet; BOTTOM – Guava, Melon
@ NYC Beautycounter Store

That wraps it up, readers! Hope this was helpful if you’re new to Beautycounter makeup.

If it’s before March 31, 2020 and you’re reading this, everything on Beautycounter‘s website is currently 10% off… which is delightful! Take advantage while you can.

Want free shipping? Spend $100 in product, and add Band of Beauty to your cart to get a free charcoal face mask ($49 value) and your order will ship FREE (plus all subsequent $100+ orders, *AND* you’ll be earning 10% store credit every time you shop).

Need help deciding what’s best for you? Feel free to email me at steffanie AT brighterdarling DOT com.


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