January 11, 2017

Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set Review

A few weeks ago, affordable makeup artistry brush brand, Morphe, launched a new brush set that instantly caught my eye. White pearlescent handles with rose gold ferrules and a rose gold brush holder would make for pretty blog photo probs, right?! A 12-piece set for face and eyes with a brush holder for the bargain price of $39.99 (quick math: approx $3.30/brush) seemed way too good to be true. Thank the brush Gods, because these have been pleasantly surprising! I wanted to share my full review on what I’ve been using them for, which I love the most, and maybe which I could have done without in my Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set review…

Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set Review | Rose Gold Makeup Brushes

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Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set Review | Rose Gold Makeup Brushes
Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set Review

The only brushes in the Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set ($39.99) that are synthetic material (not real hair) are the duo fiber face brush and the small, angled eye brush. The rest of the brushes are all sable/goat hair and all are extremely soft on the face (shockingly soft, actually). When I first got the package, the brush holder itself smelled strongly of paint – which is something many people talk about regarding brands like Morphe, Sigma, etc (more affordable brush brands). However, I found this smell faded quickly after I had the container sitting out on my dresser for a day.

The brushes themselves did not have any weird smells. I always wash my brushes before I use them for the first time, so in doing that, I noticed no paint/ink fading off the bristles, no hairs falling out, and they all dried perfectly in shape! I didn’t even need to use my brush guards to reshape them. We’re off to a shocking start, as all of my Sigma brushes need brush guards post-washing or they splay out misshapen. When I tested them for a week, I put all of my own brushes away and used these exclusively. I found I only needed ONE additional brush to get my face done (but that’s honestly a personal preference).

The face brushes

The face brushes have such a nice variety in the Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set. The natural bristles make it easy to pick up a lot of product if you’re not light handed, so be sure to tap-tap-tap before going right onto your face! I used the large powder brush (1) for bronzer, since I use a powder puff/sponge to apply powder. The angled blush brush (2) was a top favorite just because I find angled face brushes to be the best to apply blush. The duo fiber brush (5) is advertised for foundation, but I don’t like using duo fiber brushes for foundations – they give a very light application. I like a more full coverage look, so I used it to buff/blend any harsh edges created by my bronzer/blush.

The large ponytail brush (3) is for highlighter and it’s perfect! Another top favorite of the face brushes, this one seems to melt highlighter into the skin so it just makes your face glow. The only face brush I didn’t have as much luck with was the contour brush (4). I found it was awesome at creating a really sharp nose contour, but on the cheeks and everywhere else, the bristles were just a bit too stiff and it made it really hard to blend contour out.

The only brush I needed to pull in from my personal collection was a foundation brush and/or beauty blender to apply foundation. However, if you like duo fiber brushes, you may not even need that.

Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set Review | Face Brushes

The eye brushes

The eye brushes included in the Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set were great because they included so many. I used the deluxe shadow brush (c) to set my eyeshadow primer with a skin tone powder before going in with any other colors. I then use the blender brush (a) to sweep a mid tone transition shade through the crease to create depth. I then would use the eye shadow brush (e) to apply a color directly on my lid. Using the bulleted blender brush (b), this pointed tip was great at depositing a deeper color into my crease to add drama. If I really wanted a smokier look, I would pick up a deeper shade and use the firm blending brush (d; a narrower but still fluffy MAC 217/Sigma E25) and apply color to the outer v/corner. I would use the pencil brush (f) to smudge shadow and/or liner in the lower lash line and the angled eye brush is excellent at filling in my brows! Love that one a lot.

My one ‘meh’ observation about the eye brushes is that brush (a) and (b) are quite similar. Morphe could have swapped out one of those and included a flat synthetic brush to apply concealer and/or cream products, instead.

Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set Review | Eye Brushes

Overall opinion

I give this set two HUGE thumbs up if you’re looking for new brushes, a cohesive brush set, or want to try being more creative with your eye makeup. You can get the Morphe Copper Dreams Brush Set for $39.99 on morphebrushes.com. Search YouTube/Google for discount codes, too. Many YouTubers have 10% off affiliate codes.

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morphe copper dreams brush set review - rose gold makeup brushes

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