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Months have passed since this new clean beauty brand from WHO WHAT WEAR founder hit the scene. My YouTube video gives you a great visual of how the products worked on my skin, but now that it’s been a minute, let’s discuss my feelings on the products and what I continue to reach for. The ultimate in ‘no makeup minimalist makeup,’ Merit Beauty gives you ONLY the essentials in a perfectly edited, aesthetically elegant packaging. Let’s see how I feel it stacks up in my Merit beauty review

MERIT Beauty Review | Created by Who What Wear Founder

I first heard of Merit Beauty because the brand’s PR team reached out to me to help share about the new collection during their launch campaign.

As part of the launch campaign, I got to test the full range of products including:


Merit Beauty Review

To watch my full demo, check it out here:


Let’s walk through each piece in the collection, what I felt then, what I feel now and what I continue to reach for/want to try:

  • Complexion Stick – this is VERY convenient for moms or working women on the go who may do their makeup in their car/on a commute. OR, if you need to touch up your coverage mid day before you head to a night event. It’s not incredible on under eye circles if you need serious coverage, but it’s better than, say, Jones Road Beauty sticks. Think of it like a medium coverage foundation.
  • Merit No 1 Brush – probably my favorite item from the collection! I still use this brush regularly since when I first tried it in March. It’s so soft but dense, and is a great size for multiple products – whether blending out foundation, or cream blush or bronzer or even a wash of eyeshadow… it can truly be a ONE AND DONE brush. GREAT brush to have in your collection!
  • Blush Balm – I initially got a shade (if you watched the video) that was probably too light for my complexion. However, I recently ordered CHEEKY, which is one I wished was in stock when I first tried the brand. These give you that dewy glowy look instantly. A gel cream with a very hydrating base is not for everyone – my oily girls may hate this. But for those easy makeup days or good skin days, I love a pinch of color like this (Cheeky) and the formula is going to be WELL LOVED if you’re extra dry or love that dewy look.
  • Highlighting Balm – NOT my favorite product because I prefer highlight to come from a powder (since I am oily). But if you’re a no-makeup-makeup sort of girl and like a glossy/dewy sheen, then this is for you. That DEW BABY GLOW.
  • Lip Oil – Another product I definitely did NOT like… the lip oils are NOT my favorite because the texture dried out my lips. There’s two lip oil formulas out there in my opinion… ones like Merits, and one’s like Dior’s. I LOVE the cushiony glossy formula of Dior’s… I do not like the thinner, sheerer texture of Merit’s (and others like it).
  • Merit Mascara – Is this a terrible mascara? No. Is it worth the price tag? Also no. The fact that it’s a clean mascara that didn’t smudge on me does say a lot… but it definitely is VERY natural and I prefer more bold of a lash. If you like just a tint of color on your lashes and something very natural, and want a clean mascara, then you’ll like this.
  • Brow 1980 – another product not best for me… the brow gel does not have enough tint or hold to tame my wiry brow hairs. If you have thinner brow hairs and already full brows but just want a touch of color – think: Glossier Boy Brow but less waxy – then you’ll like this.


I hope this helps you decide if you’re going to try Merit Beauty! If you do, please come back here and update us in the comments on how it went… or shoot me a DM on social media @brighterdarling 🙂


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