August 24, 2019

Making Cleaner and Safer Beauty Choices…

I think we all can agree no one wants to put products on their faces or bodies that have harmful or not-so-good-for-you ingredients. Ever since dealing with years of infertility and autoimmune issues, I’ve been much more aware of these things. I’ve spent the last 10.5 months analyzing ingredient labels of all products that go IN or ON Savannah’s little baby body, but only recently have I really looked into what’s going on mine. Savannah will be one very soon, and shortly thereafter, we will be attempting to try for baby #2. I learned SO much going through IVF the first time, but there’s some things I’ll be doing differently now.. including making CLEANER and SAFER beauty choices
Making Cleaner and Safer Beauty Choices on Brighter Darling

making cleaner and safer beauty choices

I never in… EVER… thought I’d be saying this in the history of my life on earth but I decided to partner with the clean beauty brand, Beautycounter, and I want to tell you why.

Many ‘clean’ beauty brands I tried let me down. They weren’t as good as their “not clean” counterparts. I didn’t want to use them over the “not clean” options and I couldn’t really recommend them to my blog readers since I’m pretty committed to only recommending the best stuff I try.

Then we had Savannah and as most new moms, I became hyper aware of everything we put on and in her body. But what about on me? She’s hanging all over me all day.. touching my skin and my face and putting her hands in her mouth. It just made me think about those skincare/makeup products that she could be touching.

During infertility treatments, I made a conscious effort recommended by my healthcare team to clean up my diet and eat mostly organic and minimize my exposure to BPA, etc. …but never really cleaned up my beauty act because .. performance is super important to me .. However, after trying a few Beautycounter products and being THOROUGHLY impressed, I just felt really strongly that women need to be more aware of what we put ON our bodies as much as what we put IN our bodies.

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What do they sell?
I feel they’re mostly known for skin care, body care and a curated line of makeup. But they also have an amazing sun care line, baby care line, and men’s skincare line.
Is Beautycounter an MLM?
Partially. It’s also a certified B Corp (businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose)that pours tons of money into advocacy in Washington DC to put more regulations on dangerous ingredients allowed in personal care products in the US.
The US currently only has around 30 banned ingredients. Canada has 600. And the U.K. has around 1300! 
Beautycounter has a NEVER list of 1500+ ingredients they do not use in their products. 
They also conduct major research on creating HIGH PERFORMING (like no different than what I use and recommend from Ulta or Sephora), SAFER beauty and personal care products.

Clean Beauty from Beautycounter

Do you have to shop through a consultant? I hate people bothering me.
No. You can totally purchase Beautycounter stuff without a consultant on their website. But it certainly would be nice to shop through me and help a gal out . I won’t bother you. But I can help you find the best stuff that’ll work for you. Like I usually do with my blog anyway!
Shop with my link at
Will Brighter, Darling blog turn into ONLY Beautycounter stuff?
Absolutely not. I’m always going to be a beauty junkie and have that passion to try new things. But you’ll see more clean beauty brands and Beautycounter stuff thrown in there, also. Where appropriate. And only if I truly LOVE it ️.
Making Cleaner and Safer Beauty Choices with Beautycounter on Brighter Darling blog
This sounds pretty cool! I want to try some clean beauty products. Where should I even start!?
If you want to know what some of my favorite Beautycounter products have been so far that got me hooked, check out the blush (Nectar is incredible), sheer lipstick (Terra and Twig!) or intense lipsticks (Backstage… perfect everyday nude… TOP NOTCH long lasting formulas), or the Overnight Resurfacing Peel (more to come on my blog about this life changing serum. Seriously).
If you want to learn more about what ingredients to start cleaning out of your beauty routine, I have a closed group on Facebook where I’m going to talk more about clean beauty in Facebook LIVES. Sometimes I’ll be talking about Beautycounter stuff, but sometimes it’ll be other clean brands I’m liking, too. You can join my Facebook group here.
I’ll actually be doing my FIRST Facebook Live on Tue., Sept. 3 at 8pm ET where I go over some of the most popular ‘dirty’ ingredients you’ll want to look out for, what to start swapping out of your routine sooner than later, and get to see me try out some of the Beautycounter products I’ve been loving.
Maybe you’re interested in trying a Beautycounter skin care routine! Email me at and we can chat about your current routine, what you’re looking to get out of a skincare regimen and get you started. Or just shop on and take THIS SKIN CARE QUIZ to pick what you like and get started right away.
Or maybe you want to learn more about getting involved and being a brand consultant, also. Let me know at and I’ll fill you in on all the details 🙂
The MOST AWESOME thing about Beautycounter products is there is NO auto-refill requirement, NO minimum purchase requirements and a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like the products! 

Looking forward to sharing more soon! Thanks for always supporting me and Brighter, Darling <3

Again, don’t forget my private Facebook group (in this private group) where I’ll be going over some of the most popular ‘dirty’ ingredients you’ll want to look out for in your current routine, what to start swapping out of your routine sooner than later, and get to see me try out some of the Beautycounter products I’ve been loving.

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