Makeup Junkie Bags… Do You Need One?

Another topic best shown in a YouTube video, today’s post is all about Makeup Junkie bags. If you’re wondering what these even are… they’re innovative makeup bags designed to hold way more than a traditionally shaped cosmetics bag, take up way less space, fit massive palettes and have the ability to be cleaned without making a mess when traveling.

Sound pretty awesome, right? Let’s talk more about these…

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makeup junkie bags… do you need one?

I was first introduced to makeup junkie bags – which come in four different sizes – through a good friend of mine who owns her own women’s clothing boutique, Three Loves Co. She started stocking Makeup Junkie bags because she loved the unique, fun prints and found them to be super multifunctional – these bags are pretty enough to use as a clutch OR makeup bag!

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She, of course, immediately thought of me and knew I needed one (or five!). I was initially a bit hesitant because… I mean, it’s a makeup bag. How different can it be? Plus, they’re a lot more expensive than a typical makeup bag you’ll find at Target.

But they’re VERY VERY different. I was completely in awe of how much makeup and tools I was able to fit in this bag. The video shows how crazy I was able to go in terms of the amount of products that fit in the bag while still maintaining a flat shape… easy to store/travel with.

What’s also pretty cool about the bag, that comes in four sizes, is that the interior is water resistant (no more explosions during air travel) and easy to clean/wipe down.

No more makeup bags that look like you rolled it around in dirt outside. 🙂

I think these bags are super pretty and functional. Since this video, I have purchased a second smaller one that I keep exclusively in my every day purse and have been super happy with my purchase.

What do you think of Makeup Junkie Bags? If you want to purchase one, definitely go through Three Loves Co. because I promise my friend picks out the BEST prints!


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Makeup Junkie Bags Review and Video Brighter Darling

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