KOSAS Makes Some Nude Lipsticks and I’m So Excited!

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In my clean beauty journey, I’ve learned there are certain categories of cosmetics that are harder to make. Nude lipsticks are certainly one of them for some reason… as are bronzers, good full coverage concealers and foundations for oily skin types, but that’s for another post! Over the last couple of months, I have tried more clean beauty brands products and KOSAS has been a standout for me. They launched two new products – a warm beige lipstick in Vegas, and a glossy lip oil formula. I picked up shade Dip (a nude beige). KOSAS makes some nude lipsticks and I’m so excited to share that with you…

KOSAS Makes Some Nude Lipsticks | KOSAS Vegas and KOSAS Dip

a bit about KOSAS

KOSAS is a clean beauty brand (that means they don’t include a LOT of questionable ingredients that have been tied to illness, hormone disruption, etc.) Their unique selling point is that they try to be a bit edgier, a bit different, a bit simpler. Easy, effortless, but edgy.

Weightless Lip Color in Vegas

This was not my first KOSAS lipstick($28), so I knew I was in for a delightful treat.

If you have not tried a KOSAS lipstick before, you’re going to simply fall in love. They are the best lipstick formula I have ever tried – right up their with my beloved Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks.

KOSAS lipsticks are truly weightless, yet amazingly smooth and balmy with beautiful pigment and a very faint/non obnoxious vanilla scent. I wish they had so many more shades – especially in the nude family.

When I saw KOSAS was releasing this true beige nude Vegas lipstick on their Instagram, I immediately ordered it on my phone – you know it’s serious when you just order straight from your phone.

It arrived in the same sleek, metal lipstick tube as the other shade I own, but instead of a black tube with a white logo, Vegas comes in a white tube with grey logo. Very on-trend branding.

This is a true neutral beige nude. It’s not too warm or too ashy, and it’s not going to erase your lip color like a ‘concealer nude.’

My personal preferred nude has a hint more pinky peach to it, but this is SO huge in terms of clean beauty! A beautifully clean formula in a nude shade – finally!

The formula lasts about average on me for a lipstick. I’d say 3-4 hours with no eating before a touch up is required. But you will NOT find this formula drying out your lips or fading awkwardly. Two thumbs way, way up.

KOSAS Wet Lip Oil in Dip and KOSAS Weightless Lipstick in Vegas review and swatches
kosas lipstick vegas swatch and kosas wet lip oil dip swatch
Weightless Lip Oil Gloss in Dip

The same day I ordered Vegas, I saw KOSAS also released a new glossy lip oil formula. I was torn between ordering Malibu (a light pink) or Dip (a nude). Naturally, I did the nude shade like a big sucker lol.

(hindsight 20/20, I wish I ordered Malibu just for some variation in shades…)

Dip is so close to Vegas in terms of color, it’s nearly identical. The formula is different and there are slight shimmers to the Lip Oil, but overall, if you prefer a gloss instead of a lipstick, then Dip is more up your alley.

This formula and even the shade reminds me a LOT of the Fenty Gloss Bomb if you were a fan of that, but want a cleaner formula.

These Lip Oils are basically a thinner-texture lip gloss. The formula includes peptides to plump and hydrate the lips with a hint of color.

As far as longevity is concerned, the Lip Oils are what you would expect from a hydrating gloss… they do not last very long at all. I’d say about an hour without eating before the glossy finish is essentially absorbed by the lips.


Overall, I’m super happy with these shades and formulas offered by KOSAS!

I want MORE nude lipsticks in the Weightless formula and I wish I would have purchased Malibu Lip Oil, but now I pass that along to you to try instead 🙂


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