June 2018 Beauty Favorites

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Well, it would only seem natural that my LAST beauty favorites post came in January 2018 (2017 Beauty Favorites) right before I got pregnant, lol. It’s been a minute, I’d say. Clearly, I’m feeling more myself and can compose my thoughts eloquently enough to share my five June 2018 beauty favorites (ideal for these summer months). Let’s get to it!

June 2018 Beauty Favorites Brighter Darling Blog | Bb Don't Blow It Thick, Drunk Elephant D Bronzi, Naked Petite Heat Palette, BareMinerals Gen Nude Eyeshadow Primer, Fenty Killawatt Foil Highlighter Summer 2018

june 2018 beauty favorites

Looking at this list, it screams ‘summertime’ to me… from bronze, warm hues to shimmery, glowing highlights and effortless hair, I narrowed it down to these five gems to get me through the last few weeks.

June 2018 Beauty Favorites Brighter Darling Blog

drunk elephant D*Bronzi*

A more in-depth look at D*Bronzi ($36) very soon in a full review, I’m obsessed.

This is the kind of product – hybrid serum/face bronzer – that’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t self tan their faces, uses chemical exfoliators often, or simply has a face that’s 100x lighter than their bodies and wants to match without wearing a full face of makeup.

Personally, I like a full-on bronze glow, so instead of mixing it with my moisturizer in the AM (the suggested method), I like to apply it after moisturizer/SPF for full bronze color.

urban decay naked petite heat*

I really liked the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette released last year(?), but with the massive influx of warm-toned shadows I already own, I ended up giving it to my mom because those shades looked gorgeous on her skin tone, as well.

Enter: naked petite heat ($29). *Swoon*!

This mini palette not only gives me all the Naked Heat vibes I need, I love a good all-matte eyeshadow look and this palette gives you everything you really need if you’re not a 12-eyeshadow person.

June 2018 Beauty Favorites Close Up Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette

fenty killawatt foil highlighter

You guys know I’m 50/50 on Fenty Beauty products. I love the innovative products Rihanna has released in her line, but that doesn’t mean they all perform amazingly.

However, her new Killawatt Foil Highlighters ($36) are a cream/gel/powder hybrid with INTENSE glow in unique shades that really pop against glistening summer skin.

Mostly, I’m a fan of that gel-cream-powder texture and how it seems to stick to the skin better without looking heavy/greasy.

I get constant compliments on my skin (and highlighter) when I wear this.

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Foil Highlighter | June 2018 Beauty Favorites

Bb don’t blow it – thick hair styler

A repurchase for me, but in a new formula!

The Bb Don’t Blow It ($15-31) is a leave in styling treatment that takes even the most unruly air-dried hair and gives you that smooth, textured model-hair.

If you let your hair air dry and look like someone stuck your finger in an electrical outlet when it’s dry, you need to try this product. Apply to damp hair and let it air dry.

This particular formula is a bit thicker and creamier than the original. A very little bit goes a long way for thicker hair.

bare minerals gen nude eyeshadow primer(s)*

I raved – RAVED – about these in my bareMinerals Gen Nude YouTube video and review.

I love the moussey-whipped texture of these Gen Nude skin-toned primers ($20/each) and how they correct/conceal the eyelids, while also prepping the lids for eyeshadow AND extending the wear time of eyeshadow.

…oh, and also intensifying the pigmentation.

What more do you need!?

june 2018 beauty favorites for summer _ brighter darling blog _ Bb Dont Blow It _ Fenty Killawatt Foil Highlighter _ Drunk Elephant D Bronzi

That wraps up June 2018 Beauty Favorites!

Any that caught your eye? Let me know in the comments or share this if you think it’d be helpful for someone you know.

Hope you guys are having a great kick off to July.


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