IVF Pregnancy #2 Coming June 2023!

If you are friends with me in real life, or follow me on social, you already found out about this news in late December, but I felt I had to share it here otherwise, some blog posts may not make much sense ;-). So, cat’s out of the bag. #BrighterDarlingBaby #2 is coming June 2023 and she’s also an IVF baby. You can read more about our first IVF baby here. But to catch up on what’s gone on since 2018, continue reading.
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IVF Pregnancy #2

I have struggled with infertility since 2015. It took us a little over three years to have our first daughter after tons of diagnostic tests, uterine procedures, several IUIs and then finally one lucky round of IVF. She was our only surviving and genetically normal embryo.

My diagnosis ended up being poor egg quality and a history of recurring uterine polyps. Luckily, I have a lot of eggs for my age. They just are mostly duds. I also have autoimmune diseases – currently active Hashimotos (affects your thyroid) and a history of Grave’s disease, as well (also thyroid).

When we started trying for baby #2, it was even more challenging. More diagnostics, more uterine procedures, a few more IUIs, and then four rounds of IVF. Baby #2 is also our only surviving and genetically normal embryo.

All in all, I’ve done nine IUIs and five rounds of IVF to yield these two pregnancies. To say it’s emotionally exhausting, traumatizing and heartbreaking is an understatement.

It has left me irrevocably changed, with debilitating anxiety (that I’m currently seeking treatment for), and I only can hope to help others by sharing so they know they’re not alone in these feelings.

But to end on a positive note, I am currently 19 weeks pregnant when I’m publishing this post and I’m feeling a bit better now. Baby Girl #2 is coming June 2023! This pregnancy is definitely harder on my body physically and I’ve had a couple scares early on. I’m now older (37 vs 33) and have a four year old to take care of, also. However, a part of me is finally allowing myself to be excited, hopeful and preparing for a more positive second half of this journey to share with you!

Read about my first pregnancy more here

If you have any questions about this pregnancy or IVF in general, please send me a private message over on Instagram @brighterdarling or email me steffanie @ brighterdarling dot com. I plan on sharing trimester recaps and favorites here on the blog this pregnancy, versus sharing over on YouTube with Savannah (baby #1). You can watch those videos here.

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