May 15, 2020

How To Wax Your Brows at Home [YouTube]

I know many of us are starting to see the world return to a new normal. Even here in NJ, things are starting to slowly re-open next week! BUT I know many of you still may not be able to see your brow technicians and are struggling with maintenance. OR maybe you’re just sick of spending $10-20/month on your brows. I hear ya! That’s what brought me to start DIYing it. So today’s post, I’m sharing how to wax your brows at home along with a YouTube tutorial to follow along.

How To Wax Your Brows at Home Tutorial

I didn’t make this routine up… I did, however, figure out the products I liked to use to get it done at home!

Good thing… because they’re all available on Amazon and most ship PRIME! YAY!

This general routine was adapted from the Benefit Brow Bar. I used to see the greatest brow waxer/shaper ever in Houston.

I completely credit her to revamping my brows. You can read all about how I revamped my brows (how I grew in my brows) years ago and maintained a semblance of consistency all by myself here.

But when we moved from TX to NJ, I was not about to start over and have someone ruin my face.

So I learned to do it myself.

how to wax your brows at home

What you’re going to need to start:

Also, be sure to start with a clean face – no moisturizer on. Let’s get into it!

I hope that tutorial helps you do it yourself at home!

The biggest keys in making this work is:

Tell me if you try this at home, I’d love to know if I helped anyone else 🙂


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