How To Feel Pretty During Your Period In 5 Steps

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Let’s have a little girl talk today:  The week before (and during) my period, I feel like a little sleepy, hungry, bloated sauseeeg. GEICO commercials make me cry and every time I look in the mirror, I notice another breakout or fine line. Welcome to your 30s, right? Well, a couple of months ago I decided to change this feeling by taking a 21-day challenge and testing some different beauty techniques to feel my best. If you want to know how to feel pretty during your period, keep on reading.

How To Feel Pretty During Your Period With Pamprin

how to feel pretty during your period
  1. The week before my period, I start clay-masking preventatively every other day (especially along the jawline/chin). My skin may look fine now, but I know within a few days, it’s going to start getting oily and probably invite a few uninvited friends to make their presence known on my face. My favorites include Clinique and Natura Bisse.MORE: FAVORITE SHEET MASKS
    How To Feel Pretty During Your Period | Best Clay Masks for Acne Natura Bisse and Clinique
  2. I don’t force myself to wear the skinniest jeans I own. No point in making yourself feel worse with water weight that will go away in a week. I make sure my comfiest leggings are clean and ready to be paired with my favorite tunic tops and sweaters. My recent favorite pair of leggings is these moto ones from Alo yoga, but I found a great deal at $19 for these high-waisted ones. I also highly recommend this loose, high-low striped top that comes in a ton of different colors (also only $19).
    How To Feel Pretty During Your Period | Wear Comfortable Leggings and Cute Tunics
  3. I stock my cabinet with avocados and other healthy fats like walnuts and almonds. If you’re like me and crave salty treats, I find eating healthy fats curbs the cravings dramatically (plus, they’re great for your skin and hair). The week of my period, I love having avocado toast for breakfast with a scrambled egg. Bonus if you top it with a little Everything Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s (A MUST TRY).
    Trader Joes Everything Bagel Seasoning
  4. Invest in a great multi-symptom painkiller. I wasted years trying to find what subdued my intense cramps. I’ve even tried prescription-strength medicine from my doctor. But it was never enough because they made me really sleepy and didn’t help with my irritability, bloating and energy levels. Pamprin includes an antihistamine to relieve irritability, a diuretic to fight against bloating and water weight gain, and a pain reliever to alleviate cramps. I am a huge fan of the Pamprin Multi Symptom Caffeine Free (blue box) for bedtime and love using the Pamprin Maximum Strength WITH Caffeine (pink box) for during the day. Find both versions of Pamprin on for the best deal.
    How To Feel Pretty During Your Period | Best Painkillers for your Period
  5. Practice positive self-talk. This is the time of the month our emotions are running high. It’s very easy to not feel our best physically and emotionally. I know for me, I feel like no amount of gym sessions seem to help (endorphins? where?) and I feel lethargic for days. Professionals say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I stuck this Pamprin card to my mirror to remind myself every day that I AM VALUABLE / I AM BEAUTIFUL / I AM ENOUGH.*Love the additional tips Pamprin includes, like to compliment another person each day or to write down one thing you’re thankful for each night. Great ways to feel and think positively!
    How To Feel Pretty During Your Period | How To Stay Positive During Your Period | Best Painkillers for Period Cramps

I hope these tips help you manage that time of the month and give you the inspiration to live a more POSITIVE life – even when our emotions can get the best of us. Don’t forget to pick up Pamprin at so you’re 100% ready the next time your period decides to try to bring you down. You got this.

What are some of your favorite tips for getting through period problems? Any outfit go-to’s or beauty tips? Share them below or share this post with a friend, sister, mother you know if you found it helpful.

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