Holiday Look ft. Rent The Runway | “The Glam Rock”

The third and final look in my three-part holiday makeup series featuring coordinating outfits from Rent The Runway is an easy-to-achieve duo chrome smokey eye and nude lip.

Continue reading to get the full product listing and some bold outfit suggestions to pair with this look.

Holiday Makeup Easy Smokey Eye Nude Lip MAC Club Eyeshadow

Holiday Makeup MAC Club Nude Lip Maybelline Stormy Sahara

Within the descriptions, I’m linking the exact products I personally used. You can use whatever you have that’s similar.


  • Eye primer of your choice
  • Face powder (or eyeshadow that’s the same shade as your skin)
  • A duo chrome brown/blue/green eyeshadow, like MAC’s Club
  • Bronzer (a warmer, non-matte formula is preferred for this look)
  • Black liquid liner
  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Mascara
  • Brow pencil
  • False lashes (optional)

Start by priming your eyes with MAC’s Painterly paintpot and blend all the way up towards the brow bone. Dust a layer of face powder (or eyeshadow that’s the same shade as your skin) from the crease to your brow – this will help blend all the shades together later. Don’t apply any powder to your actual lid – we want this area stickier so the darker shadow will be more impactful. Take a stiff shadow brush (or your finger) and pat several layers of MAC’s Club all over your lid – layering until desired effect. It should look fairly harsh until you take a fluffy blending brush and lightly buff the color up and out (think: extending the shadow outward like a butterfly). If you’re thinking it’s too ‘hard,’ dab your fluffy brush in some face powder/skin tone eyeshadow and blend. If you want to continue to build intensity of the darker shade, grab more Club and buff into the crease. Once satisfied, take the fluffy brush and tap into your bronzer and apply in the crease to blend Club and the face powder/skin-tone eyeshadow together. Line your upper lash line with black liquid liner. Line your bottom lash line and water line (inside your eye) with black pencil liner. Smudge and soften the lower lash line with Club, applied on a smudge brush or a q-tip. Apply several coats of black mascara – this smokey eye calls for some heavy lashes to pop against the dark shadow. Fill in your brows and apply false lashes, if desired.


As mentioned in the first two looks in this series, for special occasion makeup and long-wearing looks, you really need to put the effort in and build thin layers of product to create a beautiful finish. The process is nearly identical to the other looks I posted earlier this week.

  • Liquid or cream foundation
  • Concealer
  • Contour stick (or a cream contour shade)
  • Face powder
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Highlighter

Apply foundation with a buffing brush. Assess where concealer is needed (if at all). I applied it under the eyes and blended down the cheek for a more seamless effect. Then take the contour stick and apply it to the top of the forehead, temples, hollows of the cheeks (but stop half way to your mouth – you don’t want to look like you have a beard lol), under the jaw line and under the chin. Buff, buff, buff, with buffing brush. Now that all the cream products are on the skin, time to set it all. Take your face powder and a nice fluffy brush and PAT it over your skin (do not swirl and swipe). Be sure to really set any under-eye concealer. Now, we’re going to layer the powder products. Start with powder highlighter and apply to the tops of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and the cupid’s bow (top of the lips). Then take the bronzer and apply to tops of forehead, cheeks, top of the nose and chin (where the sun would hit). To finish, add a peachy beige blush to the apples of the cheeks.


  • Nude lip liner
  • Warm nude peach lipstick

Line and fill in your lips with a nude lip liner that has a little bit of a soft brown undertone – you need something that will define your lips, not wash them out when you’re wearing a nude lipstick and a dark, smokey eye. I used Charlotte Tilbury’s Iconic Nude because they’re the longest lasting lip liners I own, but you can use something like Milani’s Natural or MAC’s Stripdown for a more affordable look. Top with Maybelline’s Stormy Sahara lipstick.

This look completes the trifecta – check out the other looks:

 The Classic: red lip with glowing skin

The Girlie-girl: sparkly gold eye with a glossy pink pout


Holiday Makeup Outfits for a Smokey Eye MAC Club

Option 1 Cynthia Steffe ($50 rental/$178 retail), Option 2 Nanette Lepore ($80 rental/$378 retail),
Option 3 Slate & Willow ($40 rental/$595 retail)

As I mentioned in the first two installments of this holiday makeup series, if you haven’t used Rent The Runway, you’re in for a treat. I’ve used them over the years for military balls, New Year’s Eves, weddings and even my own bridal shower! You get to rent designer dresses for a fraction of the cost (many under $50) from a four to eight-day period. They arrive clean and pressed, you look awesome and then you return in the provided garment bag. They’ll take care of any dry cleaning for you. You also get to pick two sizes to help ensure a better fit and I’ve never had an issue with sizing because of the hundreds of customer reviews and photos to help make the decision a no-brainer. You can even filter outfits by body shape, age-range, occasion and much more. Obviously, I love the site and think it’s a great resource for fancier occasions because how often do you get to re-wear nice dresses that you took 25 selfies in?!

These outfits are for the girl who doesn’t take a lot of crap. She is fun, outgoing and let’s face it – bold. Not easily intimidated, these options command attention and will flatter almost any body shape. My personal favorite is Option 3.


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Which holiday look was your favorite – The Classic, The Girlie Girl or the Glam Rock?

Happy Holiday Season,


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