Skin Care Fanatic Must Have: HiMirror Plus Review

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I’m quite obsessed with healthy looking skin. It’s the cornerstone of good makeup and because I’ve personally struggled with keeping my skin looking its best (hello, I’m in my 30s and STILL dealing with breakouts… AND fine lines now). Does this ever end?!). When I heard about HiMirror Plus –  the world’s first smart beauty mirror – I was extremely intrigued. HiMirror Plus analyzes your skin and has different LED lights to mimic five different lighting situations. Lucky for me, I partnered with the PRIMP Network to hook me up with a HiMirror Plus to share with you all. Here are all the fancy details on what this mirror can do, how it works for me and what my FAVORITE features are…

HiMirror Plus Review with HiSkin Tool

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HiMirror Plus Review with HiSkin Tool | Smart Mirror | Skin Analyzing Mirror
HiMirror Plus Review
What is the HiMirror Plus?

The HiMirror Plus is a smart mirror with the capabilities to provide a comprehensive skin analysis via taking a photo of your face. When you initially set the mirror up, you’ll want to take your first skin analysis. HiMirror Plus is able to track the changes in your skin’s red spots, dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, complexion roughness, texture, firmness, brightness and overall health. It then calculates a baseline that you can refer to over time to see if anything changes (improves, gets worse, etc). What I loved about this is it gives you solid evidence if skincare you are using is making a difference.

HiMirror Skin Analysis

Bonus features of HiMirror Plus

My Beauty Box is a function on HiMirror that allows you to scan the barcode of your beauty products into the mirror’s system to keep track of what you’re currently using in your routine. HiMirror also gives you today’s weather, an RSS feed of the latest world news stories, can hook up to Spotify (YES to getting ready with your morning playlists!) and even can be set up to send audio/video messages to your contacts synced from your phone.

How does it work?

When you first open your HiMirror Plus, it comes complete with the tools needed to mount it on top/in front of your favorite mirror, or to a wall. HiMirror also sells a stand so you can keep it on your desk/dresser (where I keep mine; but I just bought a pretty silver picture frame holder at my local Michael’s). When you turn it on, there’s a home screen that you can toggle through to do a skin analysis, use your HiSkin, use the ambient lighting makeup mirror, or a slew of other options (like Beauty Box, etc).

The HiMirror Plus functions completely on a few basic hand gestures (left, right, up, down, and a STOP gesture). I can’t lie, this was my biggest challenge in learning how to use my HiMirror, but once you get it down, it’s pretty cool.

When I was first learning how to use my HiMirror, I was pretty frustrated I couldn’t get the gestures down pat. My husband came to help me and he reminded me to SLOW DOWN and be gentle with my technology, lol. When I told him I wished it was all touch screen, he made a great point: “If it was a touch screen, the mirror would get dirty, you wouldn’t be able to apply your makeup as well and you definitely wouldn’t be able to use it out of the shower while wet.” …hate it when he’s right.

The results of your analysis are easy to see and watch progress by using the HiMirror app that you can download on your phone. Here’s an example of my skin goal (texture), and the progress since starting to use my HiMirror:

HiMirror Plus Review | World's First Smart Mirror that analyzes skin's health | Example of HiMirror's iPhone App

Favorite features

The biggest difference with HiMirror Plus as opposed to HiMirror (original) is the additional feature of the LED makeup light with five different ambient lighting settings. This is a must for me. I love knowing my makeup looks flawless no matter the occasion.

HiMirror Plus Review LED Ambient Makeup Lights

HiSkin is an additional tool that can be purchased with HiMirror and one I am really pleased with because it truly gives you insight into the health of your skin – up close and personal. The HiSkin tool is a palm-sized sensor that syncs up with HiMirror by touching five areas on your face (the forehead, eye, upper cheek, lower cheek, and neck) to detect the hydration and melanin levels of your skin. For someone who has oily yet super dehydrated skin, I *know* how [not] hydrated I look, but to see the HiSkin actually tell me that my skin is not oily, yet extremely DRY was insightful. It’s actually very similar to what I was told by K Beauty CEO of Koh Gen Do months ago. HiSkin has helped me shop for new skin care products that may be better suited for my skin now that I know what it really needs.

HiMirror Plus HiSkin Skin Analyzing Tool that measures skin's hydration and melanin

HiSkin Skincare Analysis How Hydrated Is Your Skin At Home

If you’re struggling with maintaining the health of your skin or want to really know if the products you’re using are worth your money and making a difference, then the HiMirror Plus is definitely something to put on your wish list. I’d highly encourage you to add the HiSkin to your order because as informative as the skin care analysis is, measuring the hydration levels of your skin is vital to everything from balancing breakouts to battling fine lines/wrinkles (as I’ve learned from K Beauty). Now I’m going to stop buying so many products to dry out my skin, and start dabbling more in hydrating items. You can get the HiMirror Plus and HiSkin bundled for $356 on himirror.com.

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HiMIRROR Plus Review - World's First Smart Mirror with LED Makeup Lights and Skincare Analysis to help you determine if your skin care is working | Is Your Skin Care Working? | How To Know if Your Skin Care is Working #ad

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