#TBT | Early 2000s High School Makeup Favorites

I thought I’d do something fun and nostalgic this week and reflect back on some of my all time favorite high school makeup items. In traveling down memory lane, I discovered my taste in shades hasn’t strayed much (is that good or bad?) and that several of my go-to items are actually still in production and quite successful.

Let’s take a look at what my every day makeup looked like back in the early 2000s, shall we? More details and favorites after the jump!

High School Makeup Favorites Jane Maybelline Cover Girl Bonne Bell L'Oreal

Let’s start with the eyes, because I lurvvvvv eye makeup. From early on, I’ve always loved rubber bristle mascaras. Maybelline Define-A-Lash was one of the first in the drugstore that I remember and I loved both the green and pink tubes. I loved using it to pull my lashes outward… sort of a butterfly effect. The bristles did an amazing job of lengthening and separating. CoverGirl shadow single in Mink was my favorite. Many sing the praises of Tapestry Taupe, but Mink is a little warmer… more light bronze, versus a taupe. I’m not even surprised I loved this and wore it daily because it’s the same sort of shade I still love to wear daily. My eye look would not be complete without black liner in the lower lash line only (now, it’s a makeup faux pas to do such a thing). For that, I loved the creaminess of Jane’s black eyeliner. I remember it not smudging as much, but I also remember using Revlon Colorstay black liner, as well. Jane’s was just more black and creamier.

Moving to the face, I went through way too many of these Maybelline 3-in-1 Express foundation sticks. I literally caked this on like nobody’s business. It served as concealer and foundation for me and was great to use on the go to touch up between class. I don’t remember using a powder, which is probably why it didn’t last very long (what a newb). To bring a little color back to the face, both my mom and I loved this blush! The packaging on this L’Oreal Au Naturale blush was a bit bulky and I remember it being a tad expensive (around $10-12, I believe), but the gorgeous tawny, bronzey rose color was perfect! I loved shade #292. The formula was suuuper silky and it would last absolutely forever – it now reminds me a lot of NARS blushes. L’Oreal really needs to bring this one back ASAP.

To finish my look, lip gloss was a must. I typically only used clear and my favorite was by Bonne Bell Lip Lites because of the mint flavor. I also remember it sort of enhanced the color of my lips… brightened them a bit. When it was a fancy occasion (big night out at the movies or Applebee’s for half price apps), I would break out the Cappuccino Lip Lites, which tasted like… cappuccino. Again, same with the eyes, not much has changed with the lips. I like low maintenance lip colors.

In doing research on my products, I found that you can still find many of these online, but the following are still in mass retailers today:

As we can see, my budget has changed, but it’s funny to see how my actual taste in what I like has not.

Just for kicks, let’s take a look at my senior photo because… laughing is the best medicine. I’d like to thank my best friend, Amanda, for those gorgeous brows and my grandmother’s Lancome lipstick that I swiped that morning (she happened to be visiting from Florida) for a bit of color:

High School Senior Portrait

What were (or are) some of your favorite high school makeup or even hair products?

Happy memories,


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