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If you’ve read a recent Allure or Glamour magazine, you may have seen advertisements for new hair care line, Hair Recipes. Founded and formulated by 30-year beauty industry veteran, Anthony Donato Masciangelo, he decided it was time to start his own company and is now introducing this new approach to specialty shampoos, conditioners and oils – gentle formulas that are sulfate and paraben free. They also contain fundamentally nourishing ingredients like egg, beer, wheat germ, lemon and chamomile to suit a wide range of hair care needs.

Hair Recipes Review | Egg and Cognac Shampoo, Egg Yolk Conditioner, Macadamia Oil Hair Treatment on

I was contacted by the brand to try out their Egg & Cognac shampoo* (for dull/tired hair), Egg Yolk Conditioner* (for normal/dry and chemically treated hair) and Macadamia Oil* (for color treated/damaged hair) so I wanted to give you my quick thoughts in my Hair Recipes review.

As someone who takes a lot of care of her hair, I was intrigued by this hair care line and agreed to give their products a shot. Plus, I liked that they contained more naturally derived ingredients and were sulfate and paraben free (whatever is going to help NOT make my blonde hair brassy is a-ok with me).

Hair Recipes Review on

Egg & Cognac Shampoo*

Formulated to energize hair follicles with naturally based protein (egg) with each use, I definitely noticed that my hair felt smoother, looked a bit shinier and bouncier when I used this shampoo. Although sulfate free, it suds up quite nicely. Don’t be put-off by the weird ‘egg and cognac’ presumed fragrance – Hair Recipes Egg & Cognac shampoo is delicately scented with more of a super mild vanilla/rum smell more than anything (the cognac, I guess). Personally, I like a little stronger scent in my shampoo/conditioner because I like it to last a few days since I don’t shampoo regularly (I may be in the minority there).

I’d rate this shampoo 3 out of 5 stars.

Egg Yolk Conditioner*

With several lightweight oils semi-high up on the ingredient list, Egg Yolk conditioner moisturizes in a subtle way. My hair never felt weighed down using this product, but it also didn’t blow my mind as far as conditioners are concerned. It wasn’t extremely detangling on my thicker, coarse hair, but it did alright. This formula’s scent is barely detectable at all. In fact, it has more of a Play Doh smell, if anything.

I’d rate this conditioner 3 out of 5 stars, also.

Macadamia Oil*

Hair Recipes recommends using 1-2 pumps of this oil initially, and build up, as needed. I tried two pumps the first time I heat styled my hair and definitely needed more like 3-4 pumps for my longer, thicker hair. It’s a clear oil that is loaded with quite a few silicones, as well as, Macadamia and Argan oils (among a few others). I liked the results I got when using this oil – smooth and soft without being flat or greasy. The scent is VERY strong in this product – it smells of coconut car air freshener. It’s borderline TOO potent. I told the brand that the oil is probably my favorite product out of the three, but they need to tone down the scent – especially since it smells like car air freshener on overdose.

I’d rate this oil 3.5 out of 5 stars. PLEASE adjust the scent, Hair Recipes, and I’d give it a 4-4.5!

hair recipes review | egg and cognac shampoo, egg yolk conditioner and macadamia oil hair treatment on

Hair Recipes offers four different shampoos for different hair needs on their website, They also have four different specialty oils for different hair types, as well. You can only purchase Hair Recipes products on The shampoo, conditioner and hair oil bundles retail for $28.71 which includes free shipping (the oils alone retail for $18.95).

What do you think about naturally derived ingredients in your hair care – love it, hate it? Have you ever tried any at-home DIY hair treatments with ingredients found in your fridge or pantry? Comment below and let me know how it went 🙂

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