Five [Not So Glam] Essential Beauty Products

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Blogs these days are saturated with beautiful imagery depicting our beauty products as pristine, never-used-yet-well-loved magical products. Besides the fact that this is less-than-reality, let’s talk about the items that are essential beauty products that rarely get talked about because they’re not as ‘pretty.’ I’m talking health, hygiene and feminine care items that we all need/use, but rarely share. Brighter, Darling has always been a place I want to share my secrets, tips, and widely recommended products, so I figured now was good a time as any to get REAL.

Not So Glam Beauty Essentials With Pamprin hero

[not so glam] essential beauty products

Let’s start with a problem I’ve had for years, but only FINALLY solved. The watery outer corners of my eyes.

It always ruined my eye makeup and irritated the skin.

So annoying!

For years, I used redness relief eye drops but those did nothing.

Then I learned that redness relief eye drops are really actually drying to your eyes because they’re constricting the blood vessels that are dilated/red. **EPIPHANY OCCURRED**

I picked up these Refresh Eye Drops and my life is forever changed.

On days I wake up extra early (or go to bed way too late), I use these right after I wash my face and the rest of the day is a breeze.

Not only does my makeup not run, but I feel less tired because my eyes aren’t dry.

I first picked these up at my local CVS, but find them at Walmart now.

Next up is the period pain. We’re going to really delve into this one because I’m the kind of girl who would pass out unconscious from period cramps more than my fair share of times.

I used to cocktail my painkillers (not recommended by the way) to no avail.

And what about those moments in the middle of the night where the meds haven’t kicked in yet but you’re literally keeling over in death pain?

Let’s go back to basics. A hot water bottle.

I got this basic blue one on Amazon (they also make a pink one, but I just am not that girlie), and keep it in my bathroom closet. When the pain hits hard, I run to the bathroom, pop my painkiller of choice (more on that in a minute) and fill that hot water bottle with the hottest tap water I can get from my sink.

Lay on your side (I prefer laying on my right side when I have cramps – not sure if there’s scientific evidence this is better, but try it out), and hold that hot water bottle to your tummy for nearly instant relief until the painkillers kick in.

Not So Glam Essential Beauty Products Pamprin Multi Symptom

As for those painkillers, I talked about these a few months ago (Feeling Pretty On Your Period), but

I’ve been very committed to how well Pamprin multi symptom and max strength has worked for me.

Starting IMMEDIATELY when my period begins (if you’re lucky, and know a day or two before when yours is coming, I’d pop a couple then as well to relief PMS/bloating symptoms), I’ll take either the Max Strength (with caffeine) if it’s daytime or the Multi-Symptom if it’s night.

Pamprin combines a unique combination of painkillers and period-symptom relievers that are completely different to our standard options and I find they really help me – even with my killer cramps.

I especially love the slight kick of caffeine in the Max Strength formula that first couple of days when I just want to curl into a ball and sleep for a week.

I get both of these formulas at Walmart.

DefineMe - New Hair Fragrance Mist!

Next up is deodorant.

I think many of us have been exploring the more ‘natural’ route and tried to steer away from the made-for-men type deodorants.

Problem is, a lot of these natural formulas are just not cutting it. Plus, the struggle is real to get through that ‘purge/detox’ extra stinky time. I don’t have time for that. No one wants to smell like a caveman.

A happy medium that I’ve been using for a bit is the TOMS’s Natural Deodorant (has to be the green sticks). This is a more natural antiperspirant/deodorant that still provides 24 hr wetness protection, yet checks all these bases:

“made from recycled aluminum (which was originally derived from natural mineral bauxite ore). The product also contains anti-microbial olive leaf extract, 100% natural fragrance and is free of artificial preservatives and animal ingredients, just like all our products. No artificial fragrances or preservatives. No animal ingredients. Not tested on animals”

I typically pick mine up at Target.

Not So Glam Beauty Essentials Natural Deodorant by TOMS Facial Razors Refresh Eye Drops

My last not-so-glam beauty essential has been these facial razors.

You may have seen people on the interwebs talking about shaving their entire faces with these, but I can’t do that. It breaks me out.

However, I have been swearing by these to shave my upper lip for YEARS.

I break out from most depilatory creams and bleaching doesn’t cut it for this Latina, so shaving it is.

The TRICK, however, is to only shave in the same direction of the hair growth. I never, ever shave against the growth because that’s the way it will grow back feeling thicker (you’re cutting against the grain… it’s not actually growing back thicker).

I keep one of these in my makeup kit and probably have to touch up about once a week on clean skin. I replace them every month but for less than $5 for a set, this is way cheaper than hair remover, waxing or bleach kits. With NO breakouts!

I find these at Walmart and on Amazon.


Alright, ladies! Now you’ve got a few of my top-secret tips. Hope you learned something new and try one of these products out.

If you have any not-so-glam beauty tips/product recommendations, let’s break the silence and share them below!

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