Split Face Wear Test FENTY vs TOO FACED Peach Perfect [YouTube]

I have heard so much about this Fenty foundation; I needed to try it myself. Basically everyone and their mother is making it seem like this foundation and collection is the second coming of Christ (no offense; I love Jesus). But while I was wandering the aisles in Sephora, I stumbled upon the Too Faced Peach Perfect foundation and it really surprised me how nice it swatched and dried down on my hand. So I took home samples of both the Fenty foundation and the Too Faced Peach Perfect. After wearing them both for a couple of days, I thought it would be really helpful to do a split face wear test on Fenty vs Too Faced Peach Perfect foundation comparison on YouTube.

FENTY vs TOO FACED Peach Perfect Foundation Split Face Wear Test

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fenty vs too faced peach perfect foundation

Fenty foundation is a long-wearing, semi-matte, oil-free foundation with medium to full coverage. Too Faced Peach Perfect foundation is a long wear, ‘comfort matte,’ oil-controlling’ formula with medium coverage. I have the Fenty foundation in shade 300. I picked up Too Faced in Sand. Overall, they sounded pretty similar to me.

Fenty comes in a staggering 40 shade options; Too Faced comes in 12. Let’s see how they both wear over 8-9 hours…

What did you think of the wear test? Did you agree with my pick? Let me know if you’ve tried either of these and what you’re thinking. Hope this video helps you in your decision of which formula you’ve been curious about trying.

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