Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Makeup Videos

Continuing my Best-of-the-Week: YouTube Makeup Videos series, I’m bringing you my top three favorite YouTube makeup videos of the week which include an easy everyday natural tutorial, a round-up of some hits and misses in drugstore skin care and an amazing video about shrinking your pores! You’re definitely going to want to check these three out:

Favorite YouTube Makeup Videos of the week include an every day makeup tutorial, a drugstore skin care hits and misses and my favorite - a HOW TO SHRINK PORES by Beauty Broadcast, Teni Panosian and Brianna Stanko! Check it out on

I’ve been watching Teni Panosian for probably about a year now. She’s got such an effortless makeup style that I really appreciate. I love how she does her subtle winged liner in this look.

If you’ve been watching these Best-of-the-Weeks for the past month now, you’ll know I’m no stranger to EmilyNoel83/Beauty Broadcast. I’ve been a fan of hers for years and trust her feedback. Definitely good to know her thoughts on so many new skin care launches at the drugstore! How cool is that Bioré Baking Soda scrub!? More to come from me on that one, as well…

Brianna Stanko is a completely new-to-me YouTuber (like this week-new). I’ve heard her name mentioned by others when watching their videos but finally decided to check her out. I really like her and she couldn’t have been more spot-on with her advice in this video about pore-size. As someone whose struggled with skin issues since I was 13, I’m extremely knowledgeable about medical grade skin care and I completely support everything she suggests in this video and do most of it myself. Brianna’s got a new fan in me!

Best of the week YouTube Makeup Videos rounds up my top three of the week in beauty and makeup. This week is a natural makeup tutorial, a roundup of some drugstore skincare hits and misses and an amazingly informative/accurate How To Shrink Pore Size - thanks to Beauty Broadcast, Teni Panosian and Brianna Stanko for some great vids!

What videos or YouTubers have you enjoyed this week? I’m always looking to find new people to watch and learn from, so comment below and let me know.

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