Favorite Red Lip From The Drugstore

Glitter, sparkles, gold and silver nail polish and shimmery eyeshadow with a bold lip just scream HOLIDAY FESTIVE to me. It’s the perfect excuse to rock a red lip this time of the year, but if the idea of constant touch ups and spending $30+ on a lipstick/lip liner combo make you Grinchified, don’t you worry. I’ll take you step by step to create a wearable and memorable lip look with my favorite red lip from the drugstore…

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Step 1 – Moisturize

Start with clean, moisturized lips. I like to use a very light layer of Blistex DCT and allow it to soak in while I apply the rest of my makeup.

Step 2 – Define

Line your lips using Revlon Plum liner. It’s important to actually NOT choose a liner that matches the red lipstick exactly because we want to create dimension and a slightly pouty effect. Be sure to fill in your lips more on the outer edges to enhance the pouty look even further. Feel free to completely fill your lips in entirely if you like or if you already have full lips – this will make the lipstick a shade darker, minimize the pouty effect, but will ensure your lipstick is sticking to your mouth a lot longer. Totes up to you.

Step 3 – Add Color

Apply Revlon Super Lustrous Creme Lipstick, Wine With Everything lipstick. NOTE: This shade comes in two finishes: Pearl and Creme. I used Creme. You’ll notice that plum lipliner barely peeks through once the lipstick is applied. I especially like this red lipstick because it’s creamy/not drying and is less cherry-red, more “I just drank a glass of merlot-red.”

Step 4 – Add Shine

Gloss it up. Just place a touch of the gloss on the center of your lips and lightly press your lips together. You don’t want to apply the gloss to the entire mouth – leaving it right in the middle keeps the pouty thing happening. I believe this particular line of Revlon gloss is discontinued (or in the process of being), but any red gloss will do. I recommend this new Revlon gloss, in Fire Opal. If you can find the Colorburst gloss in Fire, it’s a classic non-shimmery true red. No scent or flavor either, and just sticky enough to not slip-slide all over your face but give you great shine for hours! I think this step really takes the look from pretty to BAM!

Layering these products is key to create a long wearing look. I wore this lip look to a holiday event for work and was running around for six hours with over 3,000 people. I only touched up once with a dab of gloss. It made me think I could rock bolder lips more often!

What’s your favorite holiday festive lip combo?


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